Charge for digging some post holes for those with exp?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by syzer, Oct 27, 2000.

  1. syzer

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    A customer wants us to dig some post holes for her fence being put in. ANy of you guys into this side of things? If so what the heck do i charge for this? Im sure some of this depends on the soil conditions and if you own the equip. or not. We will ahve to rent a post hole digger, and i have to check the soil out today. Any ideas? Thanks alot.

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  2. Matt

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    We have the equipment, a 12" auger cabable of 4' depth on the back of our compact tractor. We give the customer an estimate based on our hourly rate, but relize that soil conditions will make a huge difference. If you are unfamiliar with the soil be careful. If you are only digging a few holes than the price is going to seem high to the customer on the other hand they could be digging them by hand.
  3. pete

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    If you have a lot to do rent a bobcat or excavator with the auger if its a few and you dont want to do it by hand make sure you rent a 2 man auger. The one man jobs have a way of catching on things and jumping out of the hole and on to your legs. As for price i would go with and hourly rate if you can, depends on the customer as to if they will go for it or not. Even if the are has great soil, you will always run in to clay or rocks or something, this way your covered.
  4. Guido

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    Pete and Matt hit it right on the head, but the way we try to check the soil conditions is go along the fence line with a digging bar and jab it in a couple times. If there are a lot of rocks it can get rough and take a lot more time even with a bobcat or backhoe with an auger. Your normal hourly rate is the way to go. It prob. takes us about 1-5 minutes for a 10" wide, 3' deep hole using an auger attatchment on our bobcat.

    Hope this helps. Give us the details if you end up doing the job!
  5. Pauls Mowing

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    A while back I did 2 miles of post installation, using our Ford 3000 tractor and a 3 point post hole auger. Charged by the hourly rate. Two things to keep in mind: State that you are unable to detect what is not seen(underground) and may cause further charges, and be sure to call your underground cable locating service before you start. You may be liable of repairs to underground cables that you destroy if you do not have them located first. I did a city job a while back, had the underground located first, was told a phone line was 36" down, and snagged it on the first bucket in (backhoe). The line was 8" down and I was not responsible for its repair. Just something to consider.

  6. syzer

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    Thanks for the help guys! From what i understand she wants 17 holes dug. Im going to go about 15" deep and its near the bank of a stream (soft) I really dont want the job, i will estimate 150-200 that5 way i probably wont get it but wont mind if i do=) (including the rental of a two man post hole digger, im lazy heh).

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