Charge how much per sq/ft?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by goodbeus, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. goodbeus

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    o.k., I taking classes to get my pesticide license here in Fla...Lesco gave me a 10-11 yearly program that I will probably question is, how much should I charge per sq/ft...and should I charge more or less per sq/ft for shrubs & trees that what would be charged for the lawn?
  2. Ok Rookie, what's your cost of material, what's you overhead, what's your labor?

    What's your program?

    If I were you I would charge $200000000000 per 1000 sq/ft.
  3. goodbeus

    goodbeus LawnSite Senior Member
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    please do not respond if not working in Fla. for apps and pricing are not the same...LGF, your reply defines what kind of smart-butt rookie you are..if that's all you can come up with, keep your ignorant replies to yourself...
  4. Casey

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    Wow goodbeaus

    I agree Lawngodfather can be a bit abrupt sometimes, I have even considered adding him to my ignore list a couple of times :rolleyes:. But he does have a lot of good advice, if given the information needed to give an informed answer. Your question is so vague it is similar to someone asking "how tall is it" without any specifics as to what you are talking about. Costs vary all over the country, you ask how much to charge per sq ft. What are you using liquid or dry, what do you have to pay for products, do you have employees to pay as part of the overhead, is this all you will be doing for your customers or do you have a full progam of lawn care, are you going to support a family or are you like many otheres looking for a few extra bucks. Without any of this information LGF may be right in assuming you will need $200000000000/sq ft and don't forget the stop charge of $2500:D So before you start pointing figures go back and look at your original post and see if you could give an intelligent answer with the input you have given.
  5. Casey

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    And to save you the trouble of calling me a rookie, let me do that for you. I admit I am very new to the fertilizer business but I have been in other businesses for may years and know that to give an intelligent answer to anything you have to have all or at least most of the variables otherwise garbage in garbage out.
  6. I have been trying to be nice.

    Thank you Casey for the great annalogy.
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    Link to Florida Cert requirements

    If you read this link careful you will see it is possible to get qualified to sit for the test in one years time. 24 credit hours of college while working for a licensed pest control company.

    It is also possible to get a license in your name by hiring a CPO and starting your own pesticide company even though you do not have a cert. You are in fact a tech working under your employee’s cert. A combination of the two above is the way I got my Cert. College and working as a tech for my own company.

    Passing the test is another story. 50% failure rate. That includes those taking the test for the 3rd and 4th time. Those taking college classes have a little higher passing rate. I took the 4-hour test and was walking out of the test in 1 hour and 25 minute with an 87% passing score. 87% is a bragging right score for this test. Dr Jseng writes this test and he doesn't make them easy. Yep allot studying went into being sure I passed the first time. Doug Palmer's test prep was key.

    The reason I have taken the time to write the above is in defense of the older and more knowable member here like Padrino Del Césped. Padrino of the grass LGF. We who have been here for any time get tired of the same question. When we see a question that we feel you should know, we either don't post or post a short answer like Padrino of the grass did above.

    Final if you are to take the test you should have work for another company for one year at least. You should of learned their price structure in the first month. You should have learned the price structure of their competitors in the first 6 month. If you hire a CPO and start your own company your CPO should know price structure. Yes for the right price you can find some one to hold a card on you (not legal and if you get caught you could lose what you worked so hard for) and then you learn nothing.

    Now to answering your question about prices. As Padrino of the Grass has said "What Is your Program” What are you offering? Know your costs and your competitor’s prices. Know your market and own selling skills. One shot ant control can go for a cheap $250 an acre. While full service fert, fungus & weeds, Gold package is $90.00 per thousand per year on a 4,000 sq ft lawn. I do not want to be the cheapest guy in town. In fact I want to be the most expensive. I feel my work is worth it and my customer must also.
  8. Casey

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    You have piqued my curiosity, what do you include in the $90 per thousand "gold" package, I would be happy to spray those kind of yards all day long :D
  9. Casey

    Casey LawnSite Member
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    Ric I think I was just able to answer my own question, you are located in Florida and probably put down a lot more applications than we do, that coupled with the fact I didn't read your post as well as I should have and I thought you meant $90K per application, it was after I posted I noticed the per year part :dizzy:
  10. goodbeus

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    Actually, what I wanted to know was how much per sq/ft do you guys charge, just to give me an idea...I'll get the prices I'll need next week from Lesco...just mainly wanted an idea, once I'm certified and have the license, I'll charge accordingly...

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