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Charge more for winter cuts?

Outdoor Service

LawnSite Member
Do any of yall charge more for winter cuts where you have to bag the leaves? I haven't done that to my usual customers but I have started doing it to irregular or one timers due to cost of bags and time.

Envy Lawn Service

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North Carolina
Welcome to Lawnsite Joe Mow...
Yes, of course you should charge more, I do.
Now, stick around and interact with your piers...


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I charge out the ying yang for one time leafers. All because they are trying to save a buck at my expense. I then try to sell them on a leaf contract. Cut them a small deal on the cost....give them 3 to 4 service option (this way i can schedule the work dates to my advantage)...collect 1/2 after first service and the balance at job completion. Works well for me.

I almost called my company "Outdoor Services" years ago.

Outdoor Service

LawnSite Member
I try to keep my prices in line with everybody else around here so I'm not screwing all of us out of money. I just wasn't sure about the additional charge for leaves. I usually don't charge my regulars over regular cut cost unless they wait forever to get their leaves bagged. I'm running a Scag tiger cub that runs 3 39 gallon bags at a time, i'll usually not worry about it unless i run more than 6 bags (2 dumps).

I appreciate the advise, I always try to listen to those that have been around longer than I have, then I can learn from their mistakes instaed of just mine.