Charge Pump Cover on Fastrack SD

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  1. titanup04

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    Hey Guys:

    I'm looking for some help on replacing a hydraulic charge pump cover on my Fastrack SD with Hydro Gear ZT 2800 transaxles. My mower developed a bad leak on the right side which I traced to the charge pump cover. Talking to a parts distributor, I learned that the design has been changed from when I bought mine back in 2009 due to a lot of leaks on the original design. Got the new part today and it's one of those that will bolt on two different ways (one 180 degrees opposite from the other). The part didn't come with instructions so I'm hoping that someone who's done this before can tell me how to tell which way the new cover goes on using some kind of reference mark on the new part. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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    GEEEE, what do you know. Same problem I have my 3 trimstars. I have had 4 transmissions replaced in the last 3 years. 1 on my own dime. Nice to know its a manufacture defect!
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    I was told to mark the cover before taking it off. There is only two ways of putting it on. One way is correct the other the machine will work opposite. I jacked up the unit and as luck would have it I was wrong. Turned the cap 180 degrees and I was go to go.

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    I also had the same leak on my ZT 2800 this year. I marked the cover when I took it, went to my dealer and picked up new o-ring for the cover. Cost was $1.50 for the part plus 2 quarts of oil to fix the problem. All is good now.

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