Charge rates for large acres being sprayed and fertilized

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by meets1, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. meets1

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    What are you guys charging for more than 1 acre of fert and broadleaf control. I do a few that are 1-9 acres. I am tracking all cost or amount of product used and time. I am thinking I am low. Just checking what you are all charging.
  2. foreplease

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    They are two different things to me. One is granular, other is sprayed.

    What kind of equipment are you using and what is this price you feel is low?
  3. meets1

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    I run a PG machine. So I do granular and I spray at the same time. On large open areas I fertilzier only and I have a 15 ft boom pull 150 gallon pull behind sprayer. Fertilizer ranges from 13-13-13 all the way to 34-3-10. I think I use eg grow products and I use trimic for all broadleaf. Pg setting is usually between 12-20.
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    Weed spraying is usually more profitable than fertilizing. Suppose you can charge 100 per acre for fert. Why wouldn't you charge an extra 100 per acre for weed control? (At a chemical cost of $9 per acre?) No extra labor is needed.
    Charge for your time as skilled labor, (assuming you have a pesticide license). Same rate as your garage mechanic makes in your area.

    Charge "machine time" so that you can both maintain and fuel it, and buy a new machine after 3 years.

    Charge for each thousand sqft you cover--based on the number of sqft you covered last year divided by your overhead cost last year.
    Add reasonable profit to compensate for your risk.

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