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    I am just starting out in the lawn care biz, mainly doing small residential places, the main thing I was planning on doing was to cut grass and do some spring and fall cleanup, some trimming and edgeing if needed. I have no Idea on how to charge for the service. This last winter season I started snow removal charging $20.00 an hour with a $10.00 min. I also charged $30.00 an hour fro removing snow from roof tops. The equipment I used were walk behind snowblowers. Can anyone give me a suggestion on how much to charge fro mowing lawns and the spring and fall cleanup?
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    I charge between $20 and $35 to cut trim edge and blow off the grass. However, it depends on the size of the lawn and the amount of obsticles in your way. Try to get 30 - 50 dollars an hour, and base your prices how much of an hour it will take you to cut it. Just starting out, sometimes you have to price a little low to get the accounts.


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