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My battery on my Big Tex dump trailer seems to wear down fast. Do any of you know how to tell if it is charging correctly? Thanks for any replies.


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Im having the same porblem with my new dump trailer. The dealer wired the trailer battery to the trucks battery so it would constantly recharge...but after dumping about 10 times with it,it went dead the other day while trying to dump a load of mulch. I guess I will just use a battery charger once a week to keep it charged up.

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The only way you are going to keep the battery charged up is run a heavy 12 volt line from under the hood of your truck to a switch where you can turn the line off. You also have to keep in mind you are going to really work your alternator keeping a battery charged up. The best thing todo is get a good deep cycle marine battery something that is designed for a constant draw like running a 12v hydraulic pump. You may want to upgrade to a 4D or even a 8D size battery it will add about 120lbs to your tounge weight.


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Have you guys double checked to see if your 12 volt supply is working. I had a friend that was told by his trailer dealer that he was all set. When I looked at it for him the dealer never put the fuse in the fuse bank (newer GM) to supply the power. Guess they just assumed GM would have put the fuse in.

You could install two 6 volt T100's tied together like we did. You'll be amazed at how long they will last without a charge. They were originally designed for golf carts and run about 60 - 70 dollars each. Mine are about 5 years old now and work just like new. the key is not to let them run lower then 10 volts or over 14. Just jump 1 positive to a negitive and you've got 12 volts.

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good luck Mike


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Thank you all for the replies. I took the truck and trailer in and the problem is solved. I have an 03 Chevy and selnoil was correct, the fuse that is used for auxiliary charging was not installed by GM. It is marked STD #1 in the fuse bank under the hood. A very simple fix.
I also bought the incorrect plug adapter from Walmart. Do not use the one marked, " Center Plug Electric Brake".
After taking the trailer home the battery was completely charged.

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