Charging by the Zone

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Paris Landscaping Company, May 11, 2011.

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    Err on the side of a higher bid.
    My process has evolved to the point after twenty plus years of mucking around with irrigation systems I have a pretty good idea what an install entails. And almost always, when I chased installs and removed my 30% holyshit margin, I ran into a holyshit issue which caused me $$$.
    Also, write into your install proposal the addendum covering additional equipment rental such as a rock saw due to unforeseen conditions like the boulders which seem to grow real well in this state.
    Mine is a bit like this: In the advent that site conditions warrant additional equipment necessary to complete the installation, such as but not limited to cutting/hammering existing subterranean obstructions, additional charges may apply.
    Also - when calling DIGTESS you have to allow those knuckleheads their full allotment of time to mark the underground utilities. When requesting the locate specifically ask the operator for an all service locate. This covers water lines, power and other utilities. If the 1-800 DIGTESS won't locate those service runs like water/sewer they will provide you with a point of contact to get those runs located by the service provider.
    You have to remember that in Texas, phone and cable runs are not subject to a minimum depth code. So when these are marked start/stop your trenching a minimum of three feet on either side of the locate then find the cables with a shovel.
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    No minimum depth code for underground utilities in Texas? So why do they want to inspect open lawn sprinkler trenches?

    By the way, how did it work out with the poly pipe?
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    Let's not forget the worst one to hit: fibre optics. My (sick) joke was always, "if we don't slice through something during the install, we are not doing our job." :dizzy:
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    Boots, wrestling two 500' lengths of pipe down a 145' gorge wasn't easy.
    Time wise though it was much faster than hawking fifty 20' sections of two inch schedule 40 pipe.
    Ended up using compression couplings, got everything pressured up but the cove where the pump is actually sitting may only have three days of water left. Kind of in a bad
    drought right now.
    Believe it or not, given my druthers I would run this SDR PE 200 psi pipe again as the install wasn't as bitchy as I first thought.

    Oh, and only telephone and cable lines are exempt from code depth - irrigation has to be at a minimum of 8" so maybe that's why the trenches have to be left open for inspection. Silly me, I thought the trenches were supposed to be left open to trip all those silly and fat waddling inspectors.
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    Even standard rolls of 2-inch poly are a nuisance to maneuver - those 500-foot rolls must have been three times the weight
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    Someone needs to tell this dude get get the REMOTE!!!!!!!!!!
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    Do you have all your customers sign an agreement or do u pick and choose?
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    Always sign a that tells what you are going to do and in some area telling the customer unmarked drainage, landscape lighting, what ever is repaired at no cost to company..

    cover your a$$ man before someone tries to take a piece of it..
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    way too low

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