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Ok major major question ok lets say you have a landscaping job lets say just to make it easy on my question that the customer wants 1 flat of begonias and 1 flat of begonias is 12.99 obviously you charge double per flat RIGHT ??? ok well if you do then do you let the customer know that its $25.98 per flat or how does that work, I feel like I know from everyone telling me that if the total job is $2500.00 then you charge $5,000 but how do u do it or tell the customer to where they dont say thats not right ---I was at lowes the other day and I saw a flat of begonias for $12.99 so how does that work and how do I explain the total cost of the job to the customer PLEASE HELP


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Remember she isn't buying the flowers from Lowes, she is getting them from you even though you may be getting them from Lowes. If she wants $12.99 begonias then she needs to take herself to Lowes to get them.

Just give her one price on the bill which would include time and materials and leave it at that. She doesn't need to know what she is paying for the plants. If she asks just say $12.99 plus tax and my time in picking them up.


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List all items that you are proposing to do in detail then list the total price. If you are going to break down the bid you need to show fuel, insurance, equipment depreciation, etc. etc. on your bid...Chuck

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