Charging dump trailer battery

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by JimmyStew, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. JimmyStew

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    I ordered my first dump trailer this week. It comes with a marine, deep cycle battery. The dealer tells me that it will charge from the truck, slowly if I leave the trailer connected. However, I don't generally leave the trailers connected to the truck unless I plan to use it first thing the next day. How much use should I expect to get out of a deep cycle batter before needing to charge it and how do you guys generally charge yours?
  2. stevesmowing

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    mine is often good for light dumps if i just let the truck charge it. However any time I load it up with anything heavier than brush I like to keep it freshly charged from the night before. I bought a 1.5 amp on board battery charger from harbor freight that I am planning to mount on the dump trailer. Its pretty small and then an extension cord just plugs into that. I plan on using that the night before I need my trailer.
  3. IMAGE

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    I ran a seperate 10gauge harness from the alt back to the trailer battery. And I grounded the battery back to the truck frame to ensure a good connection. I just used a 7 pin connector. It charges whenever the truck is hooked up or driving. It should charge enough while driving to be good.

    You could pull power off the trailer light wiring harness also, but that would be a pretty slow charge through that 18 gauge wire.

    Here is a pic of the extra 7 pin connector, on the left.
  4. ATL Lawn

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    how long does the battery last, if you dont charge it?

    like how many dumps?
  5. IMAGE

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    I dont know, I just finished building it, havent had to use it yet.
  6. flairland

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    I'm looking to do the same thing you did. I'm looking at your pic from my blackberry, so maybe I'm not seeing something right but why do you have a separate plug for the battery.. Can't you just plug it into your regular 7 pin plug with a 10 gauge wire?
  7. Petr51488

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    I don't knwo if it would be the same, but i use a trickle charger on my atv, and that works great. Why not buy a trickle charger and leave it plugged in when your not using it? Thats what i'll be doing when i get my dump trailer.
  8. IMAGE

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    The truck side does have a hot center pin. But the plug on the trailer side does not have the center lead. All it has is the 6 outer plugs. Not the center hot one. I could of changed the plugs out I guess, but it was easy enough to run a seperate one.
  9. flairland

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    Ok, thanks for the tip. I'm gonna do that to my trailer too now, I think ill just run it from the main plug though.
    Another question.. Say the trailer battery is somewhat low, and I hook it up to the truck but don't run the truck long, will it drain the truck battery if it isn't running?
  10. grandview (2006)

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    Carry a battery charger with you and extension cord if you have to you can plug it in at the homeowner if you need to .I've done it before in emergency had it stuck up and used the charger to get power to lower it.

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