charging extra for lawn service plus leaves.

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by HHlandscaping, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. HHlandscaping

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    when I go to my lawns and there are leaves I usually blow them off first then cut , should I be charging an extra fee for this , what do you guys do in this situation??
  2. mowZ06

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    In my opinion YES you should be charging a little extra for your time even if it is a very little amount and time you should have a small minimum charge for a fall/leave clean up. Actually what I would do is ask the customer if they want you to just mow and chop up the leaves or blow off the yard first then let them know the cost.
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  3. clydebusa

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    You should but as previous post have stated, it is a hard sell. That was the norm 20 years ago, but know most LCO's in my area will do the leaves for the same price as long as they have the yearly contract.
  4. Mudly

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    when i go to bid a lawn job i bid by the acre then i add in ditches trees ponds and obsticles into the cost. im a little more expensive then most per cut but come leaf season the cusomer dosn't have a larger bill becuase they have been paying for the service all year. I explain this to the customer and they are happy becuase they have a set bill and i have a set income. it is easier for me and them. I would not recomend just chopping the leaves and then leaving, we are landscapers. explin this to the customer, how they could be the envy of the neighborhood. plus just mauling over thick leaves is hard on equipment.
  5. HHlandscaping

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    thanks for the insight sometimes I feel like I am just happy for still cutting in November, and usually when they all fall down I can charge for a big clean up, but before hand just blow them in the st
  6. White Gardens

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    I would just take that into consideration when you estimate a lawn.

    If they want a good and clean place every week, then talk to them and explain I might be X amount higher than the next guy per week, but you'll get this along with the mowing also.

    I mow a lawn where the next guy was 15 less than me a week, but I occasionally spray round-up, cut out and kill any big weeds and weedy trees, and give them a good cleanup at the end of the season.

    So I'm ultimately I'm not mowing and blowing and leaving.
  7. DAR57

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    I am using an idea this year from another LCO. Clean up everyother week at double of what a regular mow is. I am getting really tired of giving away services. If my lawns dont look better than JOE SMOW'S MOW AND BLOW then they can fire me.
  8. Mr. Mow it all

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    Joe Smow......hahaha
  9. ENL11732

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    If I spend more time than a regular maintenance, then i charge extra for leaves. I'll skip the house prior to the last cleanup, few weeks then do a full fall cleanup. Most of my customers are ok with it, however, every year i get 1 or 2 customers that question it. Face it..... time is money and and dumping fees also go up.
  10. MOW ED

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    When an electrician comes to your house to wire a new light would he also just "give" you an extra outlet? Would a plumber come over to fix a broken pipe also plumb in a new water softener for free because he was there. Most other trades and service companies I know have a charge for everything. We have a tendancy to just do things for nothing or if not nothing, very little. Yes I know we are not what some would call "skilled" workers. If you want to do things for nothing thats your business. Some freebies or percieved freebies are a good thing but you have to always cover your costs and part of those costs are the reason we should be in this = PROFIT. Good Luck.

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