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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by laborador, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. laborador

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    I have been reading where you guys charge for hedge trimming by just looking at them and determining how long it will take and multiply your hourly rate. I was curious to know if any of you charge by the hedge. Example: 1 dollar a hedge or 2 dollar a hedge, etc.
  2. DJL

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    My opinion, and you know what they say about opinions (see below)...

    Shouldn't be by the hedge but rather by the equipment and manpower needed. For instance, can it be done with just a simple hedge trimmer? Do you need a ladder? Do you need an pole trimmer? When I trim is it small needles that need to be hand raked out of a formal flower bed? Do you have to haul the debris away or leave it on site? Is the area easily accessible? Some of the questions you should ask yourself to have the price affected. Again, my opinion.
  3. EastProLawn

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    I have been doing it by the hedge for a while and I have never gotten screwed yet. A few things to rememeber though...

    1) Do Not, I repeat Do Not tell the customer how you are coming up with the price, they never understand ( hourly, total etc. ) they just always think " that sounds kinda high "

    2) Learn you hedges / bushes, so that when you look at one you know exactly how easy or hard it's going to be. Come up with a price rate chart in your head and stick with it. ( more on that later )

    3) Always, Always, Always take the height and clean-up time into consideration.

    Sample chart:10 Small Hedges / Bushes: $5.00 x 10 = $50.00
    ( Approx. time 45 min. )

    10 Large Hedges / Bushes: $10.00 x 10 = $100.00
    ( Approx. time 1 hr & 1/2 )

    Hope this helped
  4. noiseyvoyzey

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    I use the same 5/small 10/big system it works good for me
  5. laborador

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    I was referring to your basic shrubs in front of the house that are waist high. I did some more researching here and found some threads discussing this matter and found out that some people do charge by the hedge any where from 2 to 10 dollars a hedge, I think I like that idea because you do not have to estimate how long it will take you, you just have to count the hedges.
  6. brucec32

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    But again like they've said above, a shrub is not a shrub. Some are tough to cut, some are prickly, some are tough to get smooth, some are in awkward spots, some are located far away from where you can dump the clippings, etc, etc. I like the "per shrub" rule of thumb too, but just be aware that it won't apply equally everywhere. Sometimes the whole is not the sum of its parts. Some jobs you just look at and know are going to be a pain. So adjust accordingly.

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