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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by tractrpowr45, Jun 1, 2006.

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    arent you a desperate lawnboy? 99 out of 100 lawnboys around here would rush over and start licking his balls trying to land a job that theyll lose money on.

    you were right. now teach the other 50 billion lawnboys nationwide that luv to work for free. they been doing it so long, the customer expects you to work for free.

    just give the @$$hole an hourly rate and tell him to take a phukin guess how long itll take.

    all free estimates should be done on the phone in under 2 minutes. if you cant do that, then you need to go back to taco bell.
  2. Brianslawn

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    why spend the extra money on school for design. he'll never be able to charge for his extra services. too god dam many stooopid lawnboys running around working for free... 40,000 of the members on here even (cause they too thick headed). so who wants to mow my yard for free this week? ive gotten this far into season with free lawnmowing from scr#bs. just take a # to hop in line to get screwed.
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    simple sketch i don't charge but to all out scale it, color and shade etc..............its gonna be $100+ depending on how much i'm bed vs a while property and it goes towards the install if they go with it, if not then into the bank

    you have to make customers realize that your time is valuable and you can weed out the ones that you wouldn't get anyway because if they dno't want to pay the $ they prob have no interest in having you put it in
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    If your sketch or design has no value to you, then don't charge for it. If on the other hand, it took time and effort for you to create a unique design for the client, you should value your work and therefore charge for it. What other services that landscapers perform do you do for free?


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