Charging for leaf clean up

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Etlawn, Oct 20, 2000.

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    I just pick them up with my mower this dosen't take much time and like others this extra mow late in the season is a bonus.
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    On the September billing, I thank ALL clients for letting us take care of their lawncare needs and remind them that Fall is on the way and leaves are comming. I let them know that if we spend a significant amount of time, usually 20 min. or more, that we will be billing accordingly. Usually a buck or two for the short time stuff and rarley never more the $10.00. Right after I spell this out, I post a paragraph explaining what a "Leaf Job" is so they will not freak out when they get the bill for double, triple or sometimes quadruple the regular mow cost. This has worked out well for us. You must let your clients know beforehand what your plans are or they will most generally throw a fit. If a client throws a hissy any way, I expain exactly what we did and then just adjust their bill to make them happy. So I lost a couple of bucks on that particular job. But did I really???? After you do a clients lawn for several years. They get used to the fees. That's when you break out the secret weapon that you bought over the summer to make the job go faster. Maybe a larger mower, bigger blower, chipper, truck loader, or maybe just two xtra helpers that you are paying 10 bucks to help you out. The Client generally won't know the difference. Nosy clients just require more attention and you'll make it up on the next one. Just my philosophy.
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    I like to blow the driveway and front porch area off before we cut. I also take a quick walk around the perimeters with a backpack. That's the most meaningful task to a client, is that they are not having all the leaves tracked into their house. I've learned this over the years because I've had clients out in their yard sweeping, blowing, and raking up leaves when they get heavy. They all give that reason - tracking into the house, and quite truthfully, as a customer, they really shouldn't have to worry about that. I charge a set rate for fall cleanup - (usually aprox. 4X the cutting price) and the more I mulch up prior to that, the easier the final job will be. Not only that, the property is cleaner, and the customers are happier with the service.
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    well the way it works for me is that

    1 man 20 mins =9 $
    2 man 20 mins =18$
    3 man 20 mins =25$

    the way it works is all based on 25$ per per man charge

    plus icharge foe the lawn cutting till the end of october .

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