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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by tlc1994, Apr 24, 2011.

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    Me and my buddy always used to only charge for materials up front for a job. We both have similar contracts, but a customer left him in the dust after a big job and now he`s in an unnecessary court battle. This is now making me want to make my contract more strict. What is your general contract (money up front, etc.) for non recurring jobs with a lot on the table?
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    installations we require 55% due at contract signing and then the remaining 45% due upon completion and no later then 15 days after. If they are extrmeley late on payment, we will go remove plants etc, etc. It states in our contract that all plants and materials remain our property until full payment is recieved. Should payment not be made on time, or other arrangements made, all plants and materials are subject to removal by us.
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    For most installs I do 50% before any product or equipment will be brought on site, untill I have this they are only penciled in on my schedule. The remaining 50% is due on day of completion. For larger jobs I take installments. For example the job I am starting tommorow will have 150 yeards between fill and Loam brought in, plus I'll have a back hoe and skid both there. Then in about two weeks I'll be back to put in the irrigation. After that it will sit for another two weeks before we sod. So on that I collected 50% already and the other 50% will be split up and collected as each stage is compleated.

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