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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by corey1977, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. corey1977

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    hello I was just checking to see how of you people in this business charge there fuel and pay the bill once a month I have applyed for a wright express card that way im not locked in to one fule station do you people think its a good idear to have a fuel card that can be uses at %90 of the gas stations in the country?
  2. Grassmechanic

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    I charge my fuel on an Advanta Business MC. 5% cash back on all fuel purchases.
  3. Myk

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    I charge my fuel on a regular credit card that way anywhere I'm at I can stop and fill up....Then if an expensive problem comes up I can use the same card. All for the buisness that way its easy for me to keep track off. Now Grassmechanic gave me an idea about 5% cash back on fuel I could use that.
  4. twj721

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    put ours on a Chase/United card and get airline miles works good have got 2 ecomony to business class upgrades on two of our 3 overseas flights business clas a lot better on a 10 hr flight
  5. topsites

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    Yes, I use Watchcard Fleet fuel, it's tied into CFN (Commercial Fueling Network)...
    Now I find the quality is that of the station so it needs watching, but the benefits are:

    - Away from the crowds = less bs at the pump, almost never wait in line.
    - Free mpg calculation, the whole month in a neat statement, per truck and equipment, categorized however you like.
    - No $ meter at the pump = less interference, just fill'er up.
    - PIN-protected = Only you can use the card for fuel.
    - Biofuels, Diesel, and some offroad fuels also available (depends on station, mostly offroad diesel, possibly farming mixes).

    The biggest benefit:
    - Monthly billing = grace period + pay with credit card = another grace period.
    > Get the bill, then pay for it after the credit card's cycle = another month.
    >> In a week I have to pay for February's fuel, and charge March, what I use now isn't due until May, when it's due I charge that and pay the credit balance off in June. Careful with the dates, don't let the interest slap you.

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