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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnworker, Mar 4, 2000.

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    Hi all i did a spring clean up for a contract costermer that contracts for 8 months out of the year. It was leaf removal and pulling ivy off a wall and dirt pickup from someone else that snow plows This job is outside of the contract time april-nov<br>the job took 2.5 hours do you all think 80.00<br>is to much to charge are about right sometimes it feels like i am over charging but when you rake up leaves and such it kind of feels like you are doing work nobody else wants to do so you should be charging alot.let me know some opinions on this <p>the lone lawn worker
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    I think your charge is fair depending on the quality of service you are giving. We have a two man team and we like to give estimates based upon two things: <br>1. How large the site is.<br>2. How long it will take.<br>Based on this most jobs come out to 30 hr for two men (15 for each) and we have been told we do quality of work. So if quality is what you are giving then the pay seems reasonable.
  3. Charles

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    Yea I agree it depends too on what type of equipment you use. How many people it takes to do the job. The better the equipment you use the less time it takes to do the job. The more money you have to charge per hour. The more people you use the less time it take to do the job the more money you have to charge per hour. And you need to charge a service charge in with the price for coming to someones home. I charge more money for my bagger system. I write that time down. When I use my blower. I write that time down. And I charge differently for every piece of equipment used. And when no equipment is used. I had a man come over and repair my washing machine. Took him 20 minutes to replace a hose. he charged me 15.00$ service charge. 40$ labor. Total 55$. You spent 2.5hrs. If anything you were underpaid.
  4. scottlawns

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    i would of charged more,dont forget what it cost you to buy new stuff and maintain what u got.
  5. MJM Landscaping Inc

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    lone star,<br>this is meant to help you not put you down. You say you basically charge $15 a man per hour (if i read your post right) You should be charging closer to $30 per man per hour. At $15 an hour you cant be making much of a profit and here is why:<br>employee $7-9 hr<br>taxes,insurance, workmans comp ect. $1-3 hr<br>administrative cost(office, computer, rent ect) $1-3 hr<br>truck expense $3hr<br>equipment cost $? hr (depends on what you are using)<br>profit ?%<br>so that adds up to $12-18 hr it COST you to be at that job. Now my numbers dont reflect my co's cost and im sure there not yours but you can see my point. You need to figure out your cost (every co is different) and use that to guide you in your pricing. If you think your hourly rate sounds too high, dont give it out. Price by the job, but you better be good at estimating your times. I can tell you this that the average hourly rate is between $25-40 hr. <br>A comment about the original post. Your price sounds good to me. It equals $32 hr per man ( thats if you did the job by yourself, if you had any help then you are low) Some things to consider though, its off season work so some co's charge a little less than there hourly rate ( but dont give it away) and what kind of customer is this? Do they pay on time? Complain alot?(unwarranted complaints) do you get alot of work from them? Consider all these things when deciding if your going to give them a break.<br>Mark A Musolf<br>PS: Sorry this was long, been couped up with sick wife and daughter all day! :)<br> <br>
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    We charge $40 a man hour for cleanups with a 3 hour minimun. So, $120 for a crew to work for an hour. <p>Also, my mininum per cut is going to $40 per cut this year on residentials. Work smarter folks.. not harder.
  7. cutntrim

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    Hall is on the ball. We charge $40/man/hour as well. But it wasn't too long ago that we were only charging $20/hour. We realized we were ending up receiving negative returns on some of the work we were doing and now we charge what it REALLY is worth for us to do extra work for a customer. I'm sure you can cut two $20 lawns (if you even charge that low) in no more than one hour by yourself. Cutting is less labour intensive than leaf raking. You can see why your efforts should get you $40/hr.<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>
  8. LoneStarLawn

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    Yes its about 15 an hour MJM Landscaping Inc. Reason being there is two of us and we charge around 30 to cut residential lawns. It takes about 45 min to an hour using 21 in. mower, blowers and trimming and edging. The trucks are ours so that expense is already covered. No employees, no workers comp., no ins. If we charge say $40 an hour per man that would be $80 for res. lawn. I really don't see many custmers paying that, do you. When we get larger and have bigger equipment, time we be shorten and the cost will justify itself. Thanks for the input though.<br>
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    Hey Lonestar,I wish you were near me. If you are going to work for wages you'll never really get ahead but, hey, if your'e into it I'd sub all the work you'd care to do. You should do yourself a favour and get a book on how to figure your costs and make a profit. I really wish people would charge what they're worth because you drag down the price for all the rest of us!
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    As a &quot;one man band&quot; this is something I see different for those who run crews. Three times the workers doesn't necessarily (usually won't) equal three times the output.&lt;p&gt;I don't think most people that would work for me would be willing to work as fast and efficient as I do, unless they were on commission. At some point, your workforce productivity comes in to play in your price. This is a fact I see often overlooked in posts. &lt;p&gt; If I can do myself what two crew members can, obviously I can put more money in &lt;b&gt;my&lt;/b&gt;pocket on an hourly basis. Smarter, not harder is where it's at. Figuring out ways to save time and energy is where the money is at in this industry. If you can master that, you will earn as you should. &lt;p&gt;John

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