Charging too little for organic?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by lawncuttinfoo, Mar 8, 2009.

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    Clients are Paying for Results and Service.

    A true Organic product for lower cost to you?

    Do your numbers and look at your Competition.........Then decide if you in fact deserve a Raise because you offer better service/results IMO.

    If you want to pass the savings onto your Clients, that is your call.

    Look at the Value of your service.....Do you deserve a Raise???

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    Oh man, this is scary. lol. Seriously though, I wouldn't lower prices. Read this article.

    A part of it here...

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    Thanks for replying back grasscuttinfoo.

    For 17,000 sq ft. I would need 3 bags of organic product.
    For 17,000 sq ft. I would need 3/4 bag of Synthetic Product.

    Mind you I mostly maintain 15,000-135,000 sq ft yards.

    and my point is carrying 3 times the product to do a job.

    I have 1 client that requires 25 bags of organic fert for 1 application.
    I make very little money on that job. The supplier makes the money.
    25 x 50lb = 1250LBS to carry on the back of my vehicle/trailer.
    Riding spreader.

    We are talking real organic products.

    I would love to learn a cheaper and lighter way to do this.
  4. treegal1

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    cheaper yes!!! lighter not a chance!!!!! organic products are just more weight and volume
  5. Smallaxe

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    This would also be an opportunity to evaluate - Just how much N is required to replenish the supply in a good organic soil.

    At least dump on the organics once a year. Late spring would be my choice. If you are not removing the clippings , and your soil is biologically active , and your watering is not extreme, I would think you could get by with something less than 4# of N/k per season.

    Sometimes I do have to put down synthetics for a greener green, but so far once every 2 years , in the fall. I am working on that. :)
  6. humble1

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    I dont supose you want to give up that supply chain do ya?
    You could pm me we arent in the same area:drinkup:
  7. Barefoot James

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    Well maybe you should talk to ICT Bill. He has products like his hydro seed that 1 gallon will do 360,000 sq ft - cost about $70. Double the dose - fill up at the local fire pump and you tow 2000 lbs (assuming you have a 200 gal sprayer) several hundred yards - but to and from the job it you tow 1 gallon!!

    Think about that - call Bill. 5 or 6 apps a year and you are adding myco - heck he has a bunch of other options too. So if you are looking for light weight or simplicity, in what you do, this might be a key product.

    On the other hand at least once a year, you are going to have to get some bulk organic matter down - biosludge or protein meals (soy, alfalfa), a high quality humate (at least every few years - critical - humic, fulvic acids in bulk 20#'s per 1000 - I would do first year over all other ammendments) an organic fert or a high quality compost - mix it up year to year. These normally go about 20 lbs per 1000 so at 135,000 sq ft that would be 2700 pounds - usually in the fall. But you will be building the soil profile rather than doing nothing but having a green spring - I choose long term life and green in spring over weight and just green in spring. But that's just me.
  8. HayBay

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    please help with the math:

    90-3000-03 Gluten-8 OLP, Pallet (192 gallon
    containers) $7,670.40 48.0"L x 40.0"W x 40.0"H
    Add to Cart

    • 1 - Pallet contains 192 gallon containers and
    treats 768,000 square feet or 17.630 acres, call for
    discount on pallets

    $435 an acre for product costs alone buying by the skid and only supplying Nitrogen. 4 weeks max

    about $140 an acre with liquid ParIII
    another 140 for granular Synthetic fert 24-5-10 %30 slow release buying by the bag. 4-6 weeks release rate.

    Are these products registered with the government.
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  9. treegal1

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    LOLOL. I am gona hang back on this one. :laugh::laugh::laugh:
  10. HayBay

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    did i mention the unbanning of stem cell research. hehe.

    Those synthetic prices included application and product costs.

    if Ric could read this now. LOL....................

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