Charging too little for organic?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by lawncuttinfoo, Mar 8, 2009.

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    Spoon feeding is a good word for it, works great
  2. TMGL&L

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    I agree with what some of the guys said earlier. Lowering prices is like the easy way out. It hurts the industry as a whole when everyone is under cutting each other. I know its best to be economical, however, never lower prices unless you have to.

    I hardly look at my competitor's pricing when I bid on properties. It sounds crazy but I concentrate on what my goals are and what it really costs. One time when I was geeking out over a price qoute old successful landscaper gave me the advice " just charge what it costs."

    If you lower your prices offer more and penetrate don't lower prices unless they seem like they will drop you for a cheaper contractor.

    sorry to jump in so late but I couldn't help myself :)

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