chariot hydrostatic problems

Discussion in 'Great Dane' started by ddavis7426, Mar 23, 2004.

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    I have an older Great Dane Chariot 61" mower I bought used last year with 425 hrs.The mower seems to drift to one side all the time and tend to jerk some also especially when on the slightest incline.On ditchbanks I have a hard time mowing straight at all.I changed the hydro oil/filter at 2 different dealers (one which used regular oil instead of synthetic). I was told there wasnt any air it seemed in the lines but I am not sure.

    1)what type oil EXACTLY should be in the hydro system-synthetic or regular and what weight?
    2) what seems to be wrong with the mower is it simple as a dampner or pump arm?OR should I replace the entire pump on one side? Can these units be rebuilt if so,any recommendations?
    3) what type pump do I have on this mower (think its around a 2000 model) Is it a hydro-gear? If so anyone know the exact numbers for pump? Is it a BDP 10L_____? Do any numbers go after the 10L?
    NO ONE in my area in eastern NC seems to know ANYTHING about this mowers parts or service. My email is

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