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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pseudosun, May 23, 2013.

  1. herler

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    Well gosh, in ways I think it could be nice if every customer who can't afford my services would just come right out and say it.
  2. C & T Landscaping

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    Nope. If she doesn't want to help herself by taking you up on your offer to remove stuff then no. Even if you did haul everything off, give it 6 months and it'll be right back to looking bad. Not worth the time, now...if she would change her living style and clean up some, then it might be worth it...but It looks like a waste of time tbh.

    This is my opinion btw, do whatever you think is right. They say 'what goes around comes around' so hell maybe if you help her now, you'll win the lottery. Ha, nice to think that anyways
  3. madisonpw

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    Since you added this post, you need to have a talk with her and/or drop her!
  4. madisonpw

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    There has been a few people on here, that have been added to their customers wills
  5. caseysmowing

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    Love when people give the I can't afford much attitude. Doesn't bother me anymore because I just charge what I know I need to charge. Maybe if they stopped buying new cars every 5 years they could afford a little more.
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  6. pseudosun

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    It's a little sticky. I can't help but be concerned, because when i first got her, she wasn't this bad. I think she belongs to some divorced seniors group, and i have 2 of her friends as customers (good ones). I guess that she'll have to work it out; i'm not her son. Someone mentioned above that people can't expect to live in a home like they did when they were young. She needs an apartment, but she may owe too much on the house. After reading some replies, i don't think i'll feel too bad about not stepping in. Right now, keeping a distance works for me. I'd like to help, but something tells me it wouldn't end.
  7. orangemower

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    If that's the case then you answered your question. Tell her you can't service the property anymore. I know I wouldn't mess with a place that looked like that unless they were serious about renovation work.
  8. orangemower

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    I think you should help her, as long as she is paying you for your time. If not then why on this god loving earth would you entertain the thought of doing work for free?
  9. Tylerr83

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    theres nothing wrong with helping people or doing charity, but this is different. sounds like this woman isn't willing to help herself. if she wants to live that way you shouldn't feel guilty about not donating your time to her "problem'. and on top of that mowing or servicing an unkempt property like that (if you're not doing a total renovation) reflects poorly on your business.
  10. Colaguy

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    [B. She did get a new car, so she's not hurting too bad. Tough situation.][/B]

    Tough, No. Obviously she has the $ but does not want to spend or does not care if property is a mess. Neither should you care. I'd really like to know why all this bothers you in the first place? There are plenty of people just like her. You cannot change her. Accept that & move on.

    Were she dirt poor, I'd have no prob helping her out. Thats not the case here.

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