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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pseudosun, May 23, 2013.

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    If you're the answer, you better charge for it, otherwise your wasting your time.

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    If she is really a hoarder, I would jut collect your money and go. I wouldn't want to get into that mess, but also I would still feel like you do about doing the right thing but sometimes its more than I could handle.
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    Here's my problem, it's just one thing after the other...

    Personally I think you're going to hear another story next time.
    You know, the kind that starts with yeah but...

    That swimming pool alone would most likely run north of $100 a month.
    It needs a ton of chlorine starting out, and that may eat into the surface but one time will probably be all right, then it needs cleaning on a regular basis...
    The leaves and other surface debris has to be 'fished' out with a net on a handle, this is best described as a labor of love because while it's not hard work but it is time and labor intensive, and it has to be done every few days, daily in fall.
    Once the surface of the water is good the bottom or floor of the pool also needs to be vacuumed, folks nowadays like to use those little robot vacuums that scurry about all day, but I am sure they are not cheap... The cheap vacuum (which isn't truly cheap either) is hand operated and comparable to push mowing as it takes a slow, steady approach two hours to clean that bottom, going faster only stirs up the dirt.
    For all that to work the filtration system has to be turned on, and most likely I would get a pool specialist to come take a look at said filtration system before I'd even hit the ON switch to make sure it's all working because an ounce of prevention...
    Assuming all that works, the filtration pump and system will tack on around $100 a month to the electricity bill.
    Oh, the filtration system is called that because it has filters, I'm not sure if those have to be replaced or if they can be cleaned but I do know it requires something as well. On top of the chlorine that I think has to be added daily, this process is fortunately quick and relatively cheap.
    Yes, cheap in pool terminology is a relative term.
    And that's from spring to fall.
    Another program goes into effect for winter.

    You could try draining the pool but before doing that you'll again want to consult with a specialist because the water causes pressure on the walls and in some pools you can't drain the water because doing so can cause the walls to cave inwards.

    That's just the pool now.

    But you can see if anyone's really going to show up about the roof and the fence.
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  4. pseudosun

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    About the pool: She doesn't want to keep it clean because kids from the school across the street swim in it. She said something about keeping it halfway clean/green so they won't swim in it. I have a warped mind; all i can think about is not wanting to kill those tadpoles:) The clock is ticking. If she follows through with what she said, i should see a new fence in the next two trips. She rattled off all kinds of stuff and assumed that i would help her with everything or find someone. I'm doing minimal, and if she pushes me, I'm out. I may get a pic of roof today.
  5. Colaguy

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    I have a warped mind; all i can think about is not wanting to kill those tadpoles The clock is ticking.

    Currently, there are Billions of tadpoles all over the world....waiting to be rescued. Dont limit yourself to a few hundred in that pool.
  6. pseudosun

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    Pics one and two are the main roof. Pic 3 is the guest house in back. The last pic is after i cleaned up a little. So much on the ground (stools, bird cages, pots, metal furnitue, plant stands, etc.) prevents you from blowing. I was trying to make her understand the leaf trap concept. I'm surprised she let me throw some stuff away. You can see in last pic, there is a tree growing through the cement against the wood fence. That's my next little project.




  7. Colaguy

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    She is paying you extra right?
  8. pseudosun

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    yep. But she will have to show me initiative on the fence, roof, and carpentry. If not, what she told me while excited was not accurate. One month, we'll see. I told her that i'm not getting on the roof twice, but it's like she didn't hear me. I've been up there before, and It's very hard to not slip. I just don't want to risk anything.
  9. Colaguy

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    Why two smoke stacks?
  10. pseudosun

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    She got a fence on one side, and her roof cleaned. I can't believe it. What's disappointing is that she claimed she didn't have money for the back. I know she's paying a pretty penny for this work. I'm still skeptical about her maintaining this. This is classic hoarder stuff. They get it all done at once without having to do it themselves. I'm only saying this because i've dealt with her for years. Atleast it will last for a little while.


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