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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pseudosun, May 23, 2013.

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    That place looks like a gem of of a house if she can just keep it maintained.

    As for the pool, just drain it and have a cover put over it. Then the kids can't get in and everyone wins.

    Just have to drain it every now and then from the rainwater collection.

    As for the weed trees growing up, just cut them off at 6" above the ground and apply either a stump killer or strait round-up concentrate on the stump directly after cutting it. It will kill it off and if it doesn't, you've left a little bit of stump to do it again.

  2. pseudosun

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    I have zero pool experience, but i bought a house with a pool, and can't afford to get it filled. Can't afford to maintain it; it's just me. I think i may drain my pool and keep it covered, like you said; until i have the money to get it demolished. I heard if i had it professionally done, my house insurance will go down (lower house note):) This pic is my pool. I've always wondered why i can't move a lever on my pump to drain the pool through the drain. Also, if i'm 100% sure that i'm not keeping the pool, would be okay to make a crack in it, or jackhammer a couple holes in the bottom so it can drain? I think i wan't the partial demolishing. They take the top 2 feet, and dump it in the bottom, then fill it. It's cheaper than removing the whole thing. The packing is real inmportant too. This is one reason i don't want to attempt it myself.

    my pool.jpg
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  3. Buddy Buds

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    I've been cutting a paraplegic yard for four years. I have never missed the money. :usflag:
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    I just turned down a job similar to this, didn't even bother to return the calls.
    You know why?

    Because just like in your story they'll call someone ELSE to fix the roof and pay THEM mega bucks to have THAT done but you and I, we will never be anything more than the lowest common denominational lifeform to them and they will talk about spending it big one day...
    But when, no... IF the day comes when they do spend it big?
    Do you know what happens?
    Are you ready?

    They call someone else!

    That's what happens, all that talk, if anything ever gets done you and I don't get to see a dime for our effort, I am still not sure what is the purpose of this exercise but when it happens I feel USED.

    I would have told her $50 for those gutters but I can hear it already, they'd rather pay someone ELSE $200 to have it done, but you and I $25 maybe.
    Oh, they are broke, yeah but they didn't have a problem spending 10 grand on a roof!

    You can trust me on this, I didn't start no two or three years ago and I am telling you every single time, that's why I walk away from these people.
    I'm out of here.
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  5. pseudosun

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    I told her i'd help, and do it in increments, and then she called the cavalry. I can't help but feel that she was trying to get something out of me. Your assessment is spot on. Where did that woman get that money :confused:
  6. White Gardens

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    She's had it all along......
  7. pseudosun

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    This lady just had a major cleanup done. Didn't have time to get more pics. Roof clean, new fence all the way around, and patio gutted. She went from not giving a flip, to having it all done at once. I thought my offer of cleaning in increments was a good idea to help a poor old lady. She ended up paying a crew alot of money to do what i've been telling her she needs to do for years. This crew got the satisfaction of throwing away the junk. and got the $. Why did she let them do it? She wouldn't let me do it, and it would have been ALOT cheaper. She wanted it NOW. I'm waiting on my check from her, and she thought the crew did the yard also. Why do i go out of my way to help? I need to wash off "sucker" on my forehead. I think my theory (hoarding) is correct. Doing it in increments would force her to face her problem. She took the easy way; not financially though. I predict that it will slowly get bad again.
  8. Colaguy

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    Terrible she didnt hire you to do it. I vote you fire her and move on!

    If your pool slide is in good shape, I bet you could get $200 for it on Craigslist.
  9. pseudosun

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    Pool slide was cracking - I tore that down a long time ago. This pic was taken before i cut the grass for the first time. I'm thinking about renting a sump pump and jack hammer soon. Atleast i can drain it, and knock holes in the bottom, until i can afford to have it demolished and filled in. I heard about air getting under pools and pushing them above ground a good bit. We'll see. I know of 5 pools nearby that have been filled in; nobody wants the expense anymore.
  10. ncpete

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    If the house is also in need of repair, there are federal and state programs available that can be used to make sure it is livable, and they are often driven by church-related non-profits, or the churches will know who to contact for assistance of that nature.

    Good luck!

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