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  1. Ssouth

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    How many of you or your businesses give to charity. I am interested in doing some volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity or any organization where my knowledge and tools can be of assisstance. Have any of you ever done this in the past.? What was involved? How much of your time did it take? Did you work during the week or weekends? Any general information would be helpful.

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    P.S. If this is not the proper place to ask this question let me know and I will post it in the Off Topic Forum.
  2. Runner

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    We participate in a program called Operation Brushup where a council preselects an area of town (usually residential) and by all volunteers, they paint all these homes for people. We go around and cut down all the weeds around the houses so the foundations and lower parts of the houses can be painted and other volunteers pick it all up for us. They are always greatly appreciative of the work which brings a great feeling. Also, if perhaps you have a tractor, you may want to contact Habitat for Humanity around you to help with the grading-just a thought.:) This next year, I was considering "adopting" a major I-75 exit/corridor right near us. This would be through the "Adopt A Highway" program. (This also means big highway signs with our name on it.) Also, we did do an old cemetery once. There was an article in our local paper about it sating it was running out of funds, and the families were really upset about it's condition. When I decided to drive over one day I saw what they meant! Almost the whole place was waist deep! Trash in some areas, and fallen limbs and such. There were people in it trying to cut an area with pushmowers. When I talked to them I found out they were family members of the deceased. This was a cemetery that dated back from mid 1800's to mid 1900's. I couldn't let this be like this, so every afternoon or so, when I was done with my roster, I would go in and knock these vast areas out and mulch them up later after it dried. I moved section by section, and the beauty of it was, was that no one knew who was doing it! Eventually, after I told a few other guys I knew with services, (who I can now call friends), we all converged on this cemetery on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon, knocked it all out and had it all trimmed up and shining! Someone WANTed to call the media, but we preferred they didn't. They acknowledged our wishes. That was a wonderful experience being able to do for those families what we did. And Mike, Randy, Paul, and Tom, if you happen to read this- Thank you once again and God bless.

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  3. Vandora Lawn & Landscape

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    THIS IS THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS! Even if you didn't do it at christmas. :)
  4. JVS

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    We always give to aleast one charity a year- Good vibes out good vibes come back-

  5. jeffyr

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    I take care of the property at our local volunteer ambulance squad. I have several friends on the squad. One always gets stuck cutting so I don't mind doing it. It was taking them 1 1/2 hours with a 21 inch (because they would put it off till it was too late), but weekly it only takes 20 minutes out of my sched. They wind up paying for aeration, overseeding and a chem program. There is no way I could dedicate the time for what they do, so it's nice to be able to help in other ways like this.

  6. geogunn

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    I have been taking care of of a disabled couples grass for four years now. I can't try to make it look like a show place but I do keep it cut where it's presentable. they get no help from anyone and their dedication to each other and to trying to stay out of the nursing home is remarkable.

    my lovely spouseperson and myself do other things that would be considered "charity", but we don't look at it that way. we just do it, just because.

    it's funny, back a while ago when the POWERBALL got up to about 200-250 million, I actually made a list of where and how much money I was going to give away. MAN! did those people blow it!

  7. Greenkeepers

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    I'm on Habitat for Humanity's list. The work is done on the weekends and they really like having a lawnservice/landscaper because we have other ties for donated materials (trees,shrubs,mulch). I havn't been to a site yet, they've only done 2 houses this year that they have called on. But I have referred some of my suppliers who said that they would donate materials.
  8. Premo Services

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    I have found an excellent way of giving back some of the blessings that we have, take about 15-20 names off giving trees at stores and buy presents for homeless kids, although this is rewarding and a tax write off, 3 years ago we joined a church and it has a house that the pastor lives at and I do all landscaping, bushes, spring and fall cleanups, do not have enough time to do weekly mowing. I do not take time, materials, etc. for tax writeoffs, because I love to do this stuff and I have been blessed with very good customers and want to give some of it back. This has been very rewarding for me. :)
  9. jeffyr

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    My accountant told me that I can not deduct volunteer time or donated time, only materials. I am not doing it for the deduction, but when tax time came last year, it came up. Anybody know otherwise ?

  10. bob

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    Jeffyr, My accountant told me the same thing. I donated a few free lawn cuts for a customer's charity auction. Things didn't go very well. I won't do it again. The only thing that can be written off was the fuel. Personally, I would help someone out. But I won't volunteer my business again.

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