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Chasing wire into upper eaves.

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Lite4, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. Lite4

    Lite4 LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,186

    Ok, I am looking for some feedback on different techniques some of you guys use for chasing wire for eave mounted fixtures. Typically I will use a downspout from a gutter and go right up. The problem with some of the houses I run into is that they use chains instead of regular downspout piping to transit the water down from the gutters. So How do I get wire up on the eaves without threading through the chains? I could tack it behind some molding on the side of the house, but I think that looks tacky, like the cable guy who mounts your satelite dish. Obviously prewiring at rough electrical would be ideal but as you all know 90% of our lighting is after the fact. We can't chase wire in the walls without conduit, so what are my options. I may have to realize I am just SOL, ( Sorry, out of luck ). What are your thoughts and some of your experiences?
  2. JoeyD

    JoeyD LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,933

    Corber molding works well then you can paint th emolding to match the home. On some high end homes we have used copper tubing, this looks extremly well on homes that have copper rain gutters. But I am not sure of the legality there of doing that but it works very well!

    But the corner molding trim works well every time.
  3. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

    INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,102

    When the downspout is not available I will either find a discreet place to run 1/2' copper tube up to the soffits or I will mill a trim cover out of cedar and then paint / stain to match.

    I have never met a fixture that I couldn't install.... (yet) :)
  4. klkanders

    klkanders LawnSite Senior Member
    from Midwest
    Messages: 849

    Do any of you have pics handy of these tricks? When you reach the underside of the soffit do you continue with your wood trim or tubing? What about going down and then up around the bottom of the facia?

    Thanks in advance!
  5. Pro-Scapes

    Pro-Scapes LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,180

    lets see... I have taken bailing twine and a fishing sinker and dropped it down hollow colonial pillars and fished it out at the bottom then pulled wire back up it..

    I have used electricians via my direction and mounted a trans outside the garage... take the wire inside via conduit and up into an attic and ran it across the attic (romex) to the area we needed it (this was for surface mounted lights on an end gable)

    We have custom milled boards like james is speaking of (amazing what you can do with a table saw and router table). Use this on decks and gazebos alot.

    I think sometimes the best thing we have done is electronic transformers in the attic with a UPB switch. Worked SLICK and you cant see one wire outside the home.

    Sometimes when you cant get in a downspout you can hide it behind the downspout.
  6. Lite4

    Lite4 LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,186

    Thanks guys, those are some great ideas.

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