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Lets see, its midnight here soooo I think its like 6 PM on the East Coast. COme join me at the chat room!

Head to Erics site and click on the Lawnsite chat room.

P.S. you must have AOL or AOL Instant Messanger I believe.

Come on guys!



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So Ray, you never did say who your favorite character in the arena was. I still think Scag48 might pull an underdog, even if Stone beckons from the ropes as Eric rides his chopper in with leather Babes! I do think Gasmaster(phew!) ripped some ruddies today! Just who will wear the belt of, Heavy Weight Champion Of The Green Industry?

ps. Vegas has The Lawn Ranger @ 40 to 1, I may place $20 on 'em!

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Hey Eric I need help and have had trouble E mailing you. I sign into the chat room and I get the buddies list and the news ticker but no chat screen. Can't seem to figure out what is wrong. HELP!!


Seattle, Wa.
I still say A-1 and automated response will take that down faster than Mike Tyson as a rookie! This is proof from archives;

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Hi Guido,
To clarify ...

A-1 auto response systems does not answer in first, second or third person party "style" possesses no personality of its own, and does not answer posts in sarcastic way. A-1 auto response signs posts as A-1 auto response systems.

A-1 is a person who assists me with making posts. A-1 signs post as A-1.

Phil Nilsson when making posts, signs name at bottom of post after making post.


I say this will kick Lawn Ranger butt any day of the week and ask ,"Who's next?!" If you can top this I dare you!" I'm hanging on ropes yelling at the crowd also plus I am throwing Organicare fert at the front rows and laughing at some who are affected by the drift of pesticides that are sold under a loose heading (not Ca. or Ore. standards) of "organic". If you can take me try!

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