Cheap '97 dodge 1500 2wd.

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by mag360, Mar 11, 2008.

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    1997 Dodge Ram 1500 reg cab shortbed. 360 magnum. 4 spd auto.

    High miles on truck (only 50,000 on rebuilt trans)
    Rear makes noise in the right condition but acceleration is perfectly smooth (assuming it needs a ring and pinion).
    Motor runs smooth and has plenty of power but valve or lifter tick. Never runs hot, always maintains good oil pressure, check engine light has never come on, tranny is perfect. Needs one tire for next inspection but the spare is good and could be swapped on. All four front ball joints are new within the last 3000 miles (had them replaced for last inspection) Power windows and locks, sliding rear window, ac lasts one to two weeks on a recharge so consider it non-working but know that the compressor is good if you get the leak fixed. Paint is ok with scratches on the bed and a ding or two (one is on the front of the hood and half-hidden by the bug deflector). Tailgate has a mystery dent on it that warrants replacement---works perfectly though.

    Inspection is up in a month but I may inspect it in the near future---will still sell for under $2000 due to potential issues with the ring and pinion (which would cost probably $500-$700 to have proffessionally replaced---around $200 to do it yourself)

    Call Chip (me) at 484-880-0684 to come see it.


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    It's hard to see the mileage in the picture---it's 235,000 miles (I'm actually a little proud of this---we have a ford thats now over 280,000)

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