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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by tpl, Apr 1, 2002.

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    coroplast signage

    Just wordering if anyone ever messed with Coroplast. A lot of lawn services around town nail these signs on telephone poles and stick them in the ground on high traffic corners. The prices that I am getting for fifty are $4.50 for single sided and $5.50 for double (price dropps a little per unit as the quantity increases). I know I can do them for a much cheaper price myself.

    I have a little screen-printing experience if ya'll want me to post how to make a screen.

    Prices for sign company
    fifty single sided = $225.00 + tax
    fifty double sided = $275.00 +tax

    Prices for yourself
    fifty 18X24 sheets = $37.50 plus shipping
    screen materials = $10.00
    squegie = $ 2.00
    paint and solvents = $10.00
    TOTAL =========== $59.50 savings 165.5 to 215.5
  2. Runner

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    I'm sorry, but I find this type of "advertising" to be one of the most tackiest things any "entrepeneur" could do. This goes right in with the "get rich quick" schemes, the "I lost 50 pounds" weight loss programs, the "work at home" and the "Cheap health insurance" categories. Is that really what you want to have your business reflected as? Why don't you just write it on a paper plate with magic marker like some do. I'm not sure about there, but here in Michigan, to hang anything on a telephone pole is altering a traffic device. This is how it's written in the Michigan Vehicle Code book. Many people still do it, along with the wicket signs at expressway ramps and such, but I just consider it pollution littering our nation's landscape. There are evn some, who make it a point to drive around and tear these signs down. Them them, I say more power to you. I am alway taking "beanie babies" and signs like this off of telephone poles at some of my commercials. I am strict on that, as they bring the place down. The only ones I leave up are the lost and found pet signs. Just my 2c's.:)
  3. tpl

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    believe it or not, i am in total agreement with you. what brought about the whole thing was that a couple of my customers offered for me to put up some advertisement in their yard because they were happy with my work. my first thought was no. then i started thinking about how nice it would be to get more customers in the immediate area. i don't care to hang flyers because i think that that is even worse than a tacky sign on the side of the road. at least with the sign it is not trashing their door step or mailbox and the person gets to choose wehter or not they want to be "infected" by cheasy advertisments. There are pros and cons with both i guess. I don't like either. but, a tasteful sign in one of my corner lots for a week doesn't sound like a bad idea to me.
  4. KLawn

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    What about getting a couple of real estate type signs made up and put "This lawn cared for by .... and then post your phone number? This is how a lot of construction and landscape companies advertise around here. You could also move the signs to different neighborhoods to drum up business if other customers agree to let you put them in their yards. Just a thought.
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    I like the idea of real estate type signs, if you have a corner lot on a busy street, it should be good, effective advertising.

    Maybe offer your customers a discount if they balk at letting you put up the sign. Some subdivisions also have sign restrictions, so you might not be able to leave it a long time.
  6. heygrassman

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    There is a guy that goes around here and cuts them into "interesting" shapes if he sees them on the poles. It is quite hilarious.. I will post a pic if I see a good one..

    Personally, do not like the tele pole signs or the signs on the corner intersection, it kinda looks desperate..$225 is the same as a lot of flyers....

  7. diginahole

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    I agree with you all about the signs posted on telephone poles and the like. I promise not to make any signs for this purpose, but I would like to know how to do screen printing. So tpl, please post away and let us in on it.
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    I agree with runner! Only differece is if we installed a sprinkler system or hydroseeded or landscape construction job we would put a sign out from 1 week prior to install till 2-3 weeks after install but NEVER for lawn maintenance services! Never on poles either.
  9. tpl

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    It takes a lot of time to hang flyers. 1% call back on flyers. I have to wonder if my money is spent more wisely on a sign that cost me a couple of dollars.

    Give me a day to scan in pictures and I'll post it.
  10. tpl

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