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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by promower, Jan 12, 2004.

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    My church does an auction to raise money for the school. The auction is then advertised on the news and 1 popular radio staion. So I donated 2 lawn services up to one acre, one time cut. last year I guess the auction website had 18,000 hits and 2000 mailings go out to church parishioners. The auction is only advertised locally This is going to be cheap advertising, just thought I would throw this out there might be something for others to check out if there church or school does this.
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    Sounds pretty good however after what I watched a church do to a buddy of mine I would have to pass. Few years back a friend of mine Franky hooked up with a local church Kindom Life and he did a job or 2 for them and they recommended him to their congregation. Well he ended up with 7 lawns from the church he was always small time he only had 31 accounts so 7 was a large % of his business. The church asked him to do a planting job he was not a member he just worked for them and he did the estimate and plants alone were gona cost him 1500. Frank cut them a break and told them 3000 for the entire job. And you know what these God fearing fokes did they told him they would pay him 1000 dollars and give him a recite saying he donated 2000 to the church to get a tax break.

    Well he was beyond annoyed and turned them down that week when he went to do his lawn cuts all 7 of the church accounts he had told him they no longer needed his services. So he ended up having to accept that black mail from the church to keep from losing a 4th of his business. He is also no longer in business they eventually put him under.
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    Thats an unfortunate story, its to bad he had to accept the black mail must of had to swallow his pride on that one. My case its more of a donation and I'm getting free advertising out of it, not to mention my church always pay on time, never haggle me, I stop over at the priests home once in a while to chat, of course I always get the "I missed you at church this weekend, where were you?" :angel:
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    Hi Promower,

    That is a great idea! I am sure you will make a lot of contacts out of doing this!
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    Kelly's Landscaping...

    That sounds more like a cult than a true Church...I wouldn't hold that against churches in general. The ones i've dealt with have been very honest. Cheap, but honest. Quick to pay and very gracious to work for.

    Please don't say "god fearing" for a group like that...they were anything but. Anytime a "leader" has that much control over a congregation...such that he can tell them who and who not to hire...something is wrong. That is not "god fearing" nor is it biblical whatsoever.

    Dan Norton

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