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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by deerhuntr, Aug 20, 2007.

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    I've been a mechanic for 20 years- here's the cheapest place I've found to buy NEW engines:
    Be sure to match your crank diameter, you may have to get a crank extension made by a machinist, but you could save 60% off the cost of a new one. (example: 23hp Kohler for $600, cheaper than a overhaul!). I've bought all sizes and brands here- no disappointments.
    Also check out their seats: factory blems for less than $40. I've bought several already.

    Hope this helps somebody- looks like a lot of folks are spending way too much on engines!

    John 3:16- THE truth....... :usflag:
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    Nice, thanks!

    Don't forget, also DO be aware dealers may not touch mail-ordered engines for warranty repairs, at least I got the run-around, just something to be aware of... It's 6 of one or a half of the other, you save money on the engine then spend it on labor later when you have to repair it yourself, that yin and yang thing all over again.
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    Deerhuntr, I am in search of armrests for my seat for my toro z. It is the deluxe seat. I cannot find them anywhere and my dealer ordered the wrong ones. Do you know a website other then that would have these. I looked at the link you provided, but didn't find a match. thx.

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