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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Charles, Sep 15, 2000.

  1. Charles

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    I have heard that gas station get gas from mainly the same sources. But I Have been buying gas from this chain store along the interstate 89 octane. Because they are generally 5 cents cheaper than most other stations. Well my kohler command 23 has been cutting off and then quickly on. Sometimes 5 times or more in a 1 hour job. Sometimes it will make a sputter sound. Well I switched stations today and filled up one tank with soley their gas. The other one had the cheap gas. On the cheap gas it ran badly all morning. Driving me crazy. When that tank ran out I switched tanks. The damn thing ran ran great from then on and never cut off even slightly or sputtered for the rest of the day. Well too soon to right my congressman or is it? lol

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  2. Twotoros

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    I use chevron reg in my equipt. with great results for 14 years. Now it is year 15 and I have had all sorts of gliches with my mowers . I think it is the fuel . I think when the price went up so did the junk different people are adding to bulk up the quantity therefor dropping the octane.(?)

    As an experiment last month I filled my cans with 20 gals. of premium .What a diff. in both the way things ran and how much it cost(ouch). Last fill-up was with the mid-grade gas and the mowers droped a notch in performance.

    What does everyone else think? Are we being poked by the oil companies or what????????????
  3. RYAN

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    I think it is time all of us in the lawn care industry got together and did the same thing. Picture it, $50 per mow minimum, $75 per man hour All companies priced similar with no low ballers. It will never happen but it is nice to dream.
  4. SMB

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    We use Exxon Mid Grade whenever possible in our vehicles, a little less pickey with our mowers, but that's changed a little with our new mower. My Grandpa was a truck driver and hauled tankers some, and he was sold on Exxon, and I think he said that Shell was the next one down, and he knew what he was talking about.
  5. Runner

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    Makes me wonder if a little can of octane boost would be aworth while investment!
  6. Acute Cut

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    I talked to my dealer about this very issue at the beginning of the year. All the manufacturers are now saying that you should only use the BEST grade for your equipment. I do and have never had any problems what so ever. 50 cents cheaper is not worth the hours of agrivation that cheap gas causes in my opinion.

    Acute Cut
  7. The Lawn Genie

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    Just an idea, but you might want to check your fuel filter. My Walker was acting like that a couple months ago ... and it turned out that the fuel filter had done it's job, but had to much stuff in it which was keeping the mower from running correctly.
  8. Charles

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    Lawn Genie, put a new filter on 10 hours ago. The problem cleared up when I switched gas stations

    BUSHMASTER LawnSite Senior Member
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    I be;eive it can be done local chapters for indepentent operators IT CAN BE DONE but how is ready to take the time?
    i am . just need more parties to paticipate
  10. BRL

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    Acute Cut,
    I was talking to my mechanic today about this subject. He is ASE(?) certified and has taken training classes hosted by B&S, Kohler, Tecumseh & Kawi. He said that the lawnmower engines are designed to use regular octane gas. The higher octane stuff has a lower flash point which means that it ignites quicker & burns hotter. The internal parts of these engines are not made to "take the heat" that the higher octane results in. I asked why so many people are saying they noticed an improvement in their engines with the higher octane. He responded that the fuel will burn more efficiently resulting in better engine performance, however, the resulting increase in operating temps will create problems down the road & shorten the lifespan of the engine. Maybe the manufacturers are recommending the higher octane for newer engines that have modifications that can handle the better gas. Just thought I'd throw this out here.

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