cheap insurance! do your home work and CALL!

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Hopwood PA
i called and called,waited,and waited called some more!getting quotes,many out there for 300,000,$375 to 500,and up! i had called a company to get a quote,and they never called back! so i called them again,and Said( if you don't give me a quote. i'll go with your competitor!)well they gave me a call and a quote and were sorry about not calling back. i tell ya when i heard that quote my mouth droped for( $500,000 for $177.00.)I now have insurance!! for the whole year!


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got 1mil / 2mil policy and equiptment for $325 through Erie.


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My insurance is with Nationwide, the same as my house and cars.

It may not be the cheapest, but sometimes you get what you pay for.


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Bolivar, MO
Getting ready to head up to the insuance agent's here in a little bit with a check. Got one million in liability and $12,000 equipment coverage for $450. Called one other agent, but still haven't received a quote, even after calling back once, so I figured this guy had my business because it only took about an hour for him to call back. Might have been able to save some more by shopping around, but from most of the prices I've seen on here, I thought this was pretty reasonable.


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Dayton, Ohio
WOW! I called around and Nationwide would not touch me being my first year, Erie wanted $850 per year, and an independant agent got me with safeco for $565 per year. This is 1mill/2mill coverage with no equipment coverage. When I add the snow removal to it I am going to $900 per year. These are Ohio rules and guys seem to be in a good insurance market.