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  1. Mike S.

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    Hello everyone,

    just joined and still trying to figure this posting thing out. anyways...

    my name is mike and am 22 years old. i started cutting my junior year in high school renting my dad's craftsman 21in push mower and his truck. my cousin and i were in business together; he supplied a weed whip and i bought a blower. we started doing a mobile home park for 10 dollars a cutting. after a few bad business decisions (not showing up to work, not calling, etc.) with my cousin, i took over the business by buying him out. i knew what needed to be done to make money.

    nearly 5 years later i own and operate Cheap Lawn Service, a licensed and insured company that specializes in lawn maintenance. i have close to 50 clients consisting of both commercial and residential accounts. at first, lawn money was just extra spending money but now it is my only income. i love going to work 4 days out of the week and having long weekends off, i love interacting with clients, and being out in the field working. my biggest accomplishment was bringing this business to where it is today. one thing that makes me stand out from competition is that i do NOT offer contracts, my clients receive my service from a handshake.

    i still remember walking into a big supplier of equipment called "weingartz" and standing in the show room looking to buy my first commercial weed whip. kind of hard to forget when you are 17 years old walking around for 45 minutes before someone comes to ask if you need help. i took that experience and walked out empty handed, went to a local family owned equipment supplier and was greeted with a handshake. i took that experience and promised myself to strive for the BEST customer service/relations than any other company. to this day i still go to the local family owned shop for all my work; except now when i walk in, its usually "what did you break now? or what do you want?" lol.

    i believe that in this business you never stop learning, but you learn from your mistakes. i also think that working for yourself makes you work harder.

    thank you
  2. terrapro

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    Welcome Mike!

    Sorry if I am blunt but I don't agree with your business moto..."cheap"...but I see you have drive. Keep with that, change your biz name and you will go somewhere good because you obviously have the drive.

    I know Sterling Heights is out of my area but if you find yourself this way give me a ring and stop by and we can talk. I will chat with the guys if I have time.

    God luck with you and yours!
  3. Mike S.

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    where abouts are you located terrapro?

    you don't have to agree with it lol. i will say that i am very happy with the turnout and the amount of calls i receive from the business name. i've had other owners stop and talk to me during lunch breaks/down time about the name. believe me when i say i am NOT the cheapest out there. i am still underbid by plenty but having a catchy name is what receives phone calls and leads.
  4. ajslands

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    I had that same expirence you had at weingartz, at some lawn place in Livonia I think? It's on a road parrell to 94 and you take Plymouth to et to it, I think it's commercial lawn mower or something. Idk. Anyways I agree with mike on the cheap part. And I think you should at least have agreements especially for your commercial accounts.
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  5. Mike S.

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    the weingartz i went to was off of van dyke and like 22 mile or something. i think it was in shelby twp. i have yet to have anyone ask for a contract. actually i picked up quite a few from that selling point, they don't feel pressured at all. (at least this is what i was told by a select few.)
  6. ajslands

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    Make them for winter if you plow or you could end up getting fu(k3d! Sorry for the language.
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  7. JFGauvreau

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    I had the same experience with a big dealership, I wanted to buy a enclosed trailer which was around 7k at that time, and the guy was looking me with a smile like I was just joking around. From that day he lost a lot of business, because I found a local guy that I buy all my stuff from him.
  8. pags1118

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    Hello Mike- Thanks for posting the info on starting out in the lawn care business! It says a lot about your character that you are willing to share your experiences with others looking to get into the business. I have a 15 year old son who is expressing interest in starting a small service in our neighborhood so I was poking around for some pointers when I found your post. I plan on sharing your post and this thread with him, as well as this website in general, so that he can begin to formulate a business plan.

    The other reason for my reply to your thread was to introduce myself. I am the new sales manager for the Weingartz-Utica store. I have been with Weingartz for a little over 6 months and wanted to assure you that it really bothered me to read about your negative experience at our store. Even though it was before my time at Weingartz, I want to stress that I truly feel that your experience was not the norm.

    We are a family operated store, with the Weingartz family having owned, operated and grown this business since 1945. We really take pride in welcoming each customer to our store, and although obviously not perfect, we understand the value of building strong business ties with folks like you.

    Please accept my apologies on behalf of Weingartz, and know that we would welcome an opportunity to earn your business at some time down the road.
  9. mowerdude777

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    Cool, I see you are in sterling hights, I am in troy, I have been going to weingartz, I remember when I went at first (2006) it was reallly nice then around 2009 a lot of the staff changed and was AWFUL, so I tried hellbuycks, which I was a big fan of their sales but their service guys almost every time would tell me "Sorry we do not have that, go to weingartz" Eventually I did start going back, and it is better now then before. LOL "What did you break now" one of the guys at weingartz greats me that way too! What dealer do you go to now?
  10. Mike S.

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    Mower dude, so how old are you now? If you said ur parents drive u around because of u being 15, then how were u even able to think of business opportunities in 2006? You would only have been like 11 or so. Lol. To answer the question, I buy all of my equipment from hellebuycks, in warren. I wasn't to big of a fan from the sales guys from the store in utica or shelby w/e. I did pick up some equipment there but only because the warren store didn't have it. I have never felt uncomfortable in any way, and I know it isn't because of the thousands of dollars spent.
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