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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by crazyskier537, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. crazyskier537

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    (Flame suit on)

    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum, and am about to post a very stupid question that I will get yelled at for, but here it goes anyway...

    I'm in high school, and have a small snow removal buisness going (going strong for that matter) and need to expand for next year. I'm hoping to get a nice atv with a plow, salter, and a couple tons of salt. I need the money for this:rolleyes:. Last season I mowed one account, that paid me $10 per mow, per week (small property). I used my old bolens for this. It has a side bag type of thing going if that helps:cool2:.I would like to get a new mower to do around 5-10 resi's this summer (the old one is gunna crap out any day). What do you guys think I could get for under $300 that would last a season doing like 10 accounts? I was thinking of this but I have absoluletely no idea about any models or anything of that sort. I have contracts, flyers (I own a printing company), and everything but a mower.

    I NEED HELP! probably in both senses of that expression:laugh:
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  2. TopNotchLawnCare

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    You aren't going to find a commercial mower for under $300 But, you could probably a residential mower.

    Good luck.
  3. LawnEnforcement25

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    i think that mower would probably do what you need to do. you just need to take care of it as best as possible to make it last. i think the kohler engine is the best part. just save up enough money to buy another one and put that aside incase the mower goes out, and just hope that it doesnt. if it doesnt, you can put that 300 with the rest of your savings, if it does, well, you took a slight gamble and just get another one to finish out the season but im pretty confident it will last you.
  4. Greyst1

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    300 is a tough budget. You need to plan ahead here. 5-10 resi's with that mower would last probably one year at best but would be very inefficient. If you could scrape up a 1000, you could find a used 36 or 48 walk behind.

    My brother started off with a similar mower and got 2 years. So it can be done and if it has to be done i say go for it or anything similar. I'd probably try sears as well.
  5. Georgia Lawn Works LLC

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    Buy used. Look on craigs list in your area for an older Toro or lawnboy 2 cycle. This is probably something that your not going to be using a lot if any after you get started because you will likley move to something bigger like a walk behind with a sulky or a rider. If you could come up with 300 more you coauld get a decent comercial walk behind (Exmark, scag or whatever) if you look for long enough. There was someone on here that just bought a lesco 32'' walk behind that was in perfect condition for 600 I think. They dorve near me from another state to get it.

    That's what I would do.
  6. ALC-GregH

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    I was wondering how one can own a "printing company" and not have more then $300?
  7. crazyskier537

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    Wow! Thanks for all the reply's.

    Yeah, a commercial would be the best (obviously) but I can't seem to justify the expense. I'm only doing the lawn thing this summer, and maybe next, to get a little cash in my pocket for a used truck (1500 or f-150) which will cost me around $5k. Then, and atv, tow behind spreader and all that for maybe $2-3k. I need to make around $5k min, and I don't need more than $8k.

    So this is just a one year mower, plus I have my old bolens which would still mow for a while, but I need a backup. The parents are going to keep it when I go off to college (I doubt it will last), so they will pay half. They aren't really prepared to dish out $300 for a commercial though.

    MOHUSTLER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I dont want to burst your bubble, But mabey you would be better off getting a part time job with a mowing crew. And seeing if the guy will let you get 10 accounts and use his equipment and split the proffit.

    Its going to be a hard uphill climb with a $300 push mower. Not saying that u cant do it. Its just going to be hard and say your mower blows up half way into the year which is a likley a strong possibility and your out another $300 to buy another new one.

    But if you dead set on doing it with a push mower id try and grab up a nice honda/toro/snapper. They are in the top of the quality of push equipment.
  9. Knight511

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    Don't listen to people telling you that you can't do this. But the best mower you can get right now (I would recommend looking to a Honda powered unit from Sears or the like). I started with a 22" push mower (not propelled) when I was 13 and have steadily upgraded. I finally got to buy mu first real commercial mower this year (a Honda) and love it.

    I would say that you are screwing yourself charging only $10... I mow what I consider small yards and started out mowing at $25 a yard 18 years ago. Make more per a yard and you could afford your equipment much sooner.
  10. StanWilhite

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    I agree. If you actually could figure your true cost (gas, oil, wear and tear on mower and transportation vehicle, etc.) not counting your time, I'm sure you'd find you're losing money at 10.00 a pop. Good luck!

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