Cheap Mowers Made in China.

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Fareway Lawncare, Jan 23, 2005.

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    You wouldn't happen to have any Mexican employees would you???

    And I gotta say......when people complain that there are no jobs to be had...they are lying flat out. The real truth is that they are unwilling to accept a job that they feel is below their standards. I have been there, with just dollars in my accounts and I was willing to do WHATEVER I had to do to eat and keep a roof over my head. Yea, I wanted better, and it got better after awhile but I had to LOWER my standards just to realize that the world owed me NOTHING and it is WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT!!!!!
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    I was in the capitol of china this summer(bejing) and its so much different you guys wouldn't beleive...
    For one i got mugged by 2 little kids my first 2 hours there! Everywhere you go in that city there are hardcore beggers, In NYC those guys just sit there and leave you alone... These people see a WHite guy and go nutz!!! I mean they were hanging off of me litterally...
    For one this city is huge but I think i can say i've seen one hec of a gettho....
    BUt then on the flip side everywhere you look a new highrise was beingbuilt... I mean seriously everwhere i looked! I saw one of those huge cranes....
    THe way i see our future panning out is... It will soon become more of a world economy rather than a nations economies... THe wealth is being spread thin... The chinese cheap labor is hurting themselves too...I never seen so much bootleg stuff RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE NAME BRAND STORE....
    China tried once to become westernized but the stupid communist gov shot them for it.....
    But, slowly but surely they are changing over... Their standard of living will increase...Rising the cost of living...demanding higher wages....

    Also there was a hec of alot of Buicks over there and jeep wranglers....

    And japan....The airport was being seriously overhauled... I only saw Ford trucks and CAT heavy equipment... I was like what the???

    The only thing the US can do to slow this process is to lower taxes here to make it more appealing to businesses....
    US being the top dogs...everyone is gunning to be us...Doing whatever possible to bet us...This is competition only the strong will survive...
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    MERCEDES BENZ IS BUILDING A FACTORY IN CHINA to build the E-Class sedans, a premium $55,000+ car.

    Yes China can build mowers, I'm surprized they haven't yet.

    Realistically, it won't be a no-name that starts building in China. It will be a known name, like Toro maybe, with big connections and a good name to deter superstition about quality.

    But in the big picture, equipment is just one cost. Yes it will give more people access, the guy who already has an old pickup truck can now enter the market easier.

    For legit big lawn care, the big costs are fuel, workers comp, vehicles, real estate, and wages. Equipment is a big one but just one cost.

    Realistically homeowner equipment (not commercial) is more likely to be made in china just because it is sold in much larger quantities, thus can really capture the gains to be had from mass manufacturing, marketing, and transportation.

  5. Albemarle Lawn

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    market forces will prevail.
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    LOL, are you kidding me??? You just proved how much of a redneck hick you are by what you posted. You offended me and alot of people here with your racist remarks. Take a look at your computer, you know, the piece of equipment that allows you to spread your racism, and ask yourself where it was made. Its people like you that make this country look bad.
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    I just got done reading the whole thread. Whats wrong with some of you? Cant you get your points across without resorting to calling names?

    I hate to tell you guys but most of the things you use in your daily life have things in them that are made in China, Japan, Korea or some other country.

    Some of you are bad representatives of the USA, this message board and LCO's in general.

    Shame on you. :nono:
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    Ok, here goes:

    The time of being afraid of foreign imports is over, done, finished!! Do you really want a minimum wage job working in a factory making crap for Walmart??? I don't. Those are UNSKILLED manufacturing jobs. They aren't making advanced aircraft navigation systems, they're making Tupperware bowls. We as a country need to concentrate on supplying the world with what we're good at making.

    If you want to "save" all those manufacturing jobs, then quit your business and get hired at $8 an hour with no benefits. The problem isn't a lack of manufacturing jobs, the problem is a lack of people willing to do them, at any price. Imagine standing on an assembly line 40 hours a week painting faces on kid's toys. Yippy, I'll pass. Just think about bending small metal parts day after day after miserable day. No thanks.

    People don't realize that all the crap you see that is Made in China, wouldn't be on the shelves if we didn't import it from there. We don't have the capacity to make all that stuff, we don't have the manpower. It just wouldn't exist, but people wouldn't even know any better and therefore wouldn't complain. Imported goods are good for CONSUMERS like you and me. How about prices? $7,000 for a ZTR? Hyundai (Korean) makes a complete automobile and sells it for about $8,000. It doesn't compute. Remember the crap Detroit was churning out in the 70's? Good Lord!!!!!!! Competition breeds success.

    Don't be fearful of imported manufactured goods, they won't take your job. Out of 1.3billion people in China, 700,000,000 of them are engaged in farming, only raising enough to feed themselves, barely. In less than 20 years China will have approximately 600,000,000 people over the age of 65, talk about a nightmare and a huge strain on their system. Who will care for these people??? They have no clue either.

    Like many Americans, I believe this is a divine place. We have more opportunity than we can imagine. Our union workers complain about $35/hour and bene's for working on an auto assembly line when there are literally billions of people in this world who wonder where there next meal is coming from. Give me a break. I'm not an advocate of welfare for the world, in fact I am against it, but I do support nations who are trying to get a better standard of living for their citizens.

    The only way to defeat communism is to show their people another way of life. Keeping them poor and hungry won't inspire change, look at North Korea. I hear the same rhetoric about China as I heard in the 70's-80's about Japan. But now Japan is a thriving country, a strong ally of America, and it's people are free. 60 years ago we were nuking them, they have come a long way.

    I hope China does get in the commercial mowing equipment business. You'll see the American companies buck up and start making products that they're capable of. Honda has the same mower for 20 years?(yes even the Japanese have become "lazy" with lack of competition) Toro has the proline 21 in the same for how many decades? LOL Come on China, let's wake up this industry for the benefit of us all.
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    Great debate but a lot of hateful words. I have to agree with packer backer on this one. Economics is moving us to a New World Order "George Bush Sr. buzzword" and if you've ever read Karl Marx or the e-myth manager; capitalism is driven by greed so corruption will be our own undoing according to that theory. Tupper ware plants? Do you know that Boeing is over there? They're moving into high tech and there is an amazing amount of growth in a few areas. VW, Ford, GM have interests there and so does IBM and many other countries because they are looking more at developing markets that need those things. How many airplanes can we sell to bankrupt companies thanks to 911? As manufacturing disappears wages go down and thus we find ourselves at walmart because we have fewer dollars to go around and there is more competition for the remaining jobs because of laid off employees. What's the answer? I don't know for sure but closing the tax loophole on overseas investment will make it far less attractive I would think. jmy.02
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    Oh I just wanted to add...
    That walmart has i beleive 5 stores open in china... one store has 80,000 people pass through every day!!! A good store in the US might get 6k....

    Home depot my part time job will be openning a store in china this year....
    Where do the profits for these companies go??? Right back here in the US to the share holders....
    YOu guys are right about the stupid name calling!! Remember being white doesn't make you an american! You can be any color!
    This is just the cycle that has been happening for many years... We develop products, produce them for a short period... Then move on
    We live in a service economy now...Manufacturing jobs are no longer production units but rather specialty units...

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