Cheap Mowers Made in China.

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Fareway Lawncare, Jan 23, 2005.

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    Everyone also needs to remember that TOYOTA has 8 manufactuaing plants in the USA with 3 more on the way!!!!!! Do you guys understand how many jobs that is for Americans????

    Are you saying they should turn them down because TOYOTA is a Japanese vehicle???

    Its going to bring billions of dollars and thousands of jobs to the US ! Some of you guys really need to think before you type. Theres a little button called "preview post" right underneath. I suggest some of you start using it.
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    I just read this thread with great interest because I work for a mower manufacturer that helps to sponsor this site. We often discuss the potential of mowers being made in China or elsewhere at much lower cost. What we have seen happen in other industries is once one company makes the plunge, the others must follow suit simply in order to remain competitive.

    Although to my knowledge no major companies in our industry are currently manufacturing units in China, many are sourcing raw materials and purchased parts from China or similar markets. With respect to jobs, sourcing from China has helped us create more jobs in the U.S. because the reduced cost helps us keep our prices low. This helps us sell more equipment, have more money to reinvest in expanding our operations, and hire more people. In fact, we have doubled our employees in the past two years. Furthermore, although it may seem counter-intuitive, we have actually helped our U.S. suppliers create more jobs as well because of the increased volume.

    We are VERY proud that our mowers are manufactured in the U.S. and the vast majority of our parts are also made here at home. But we also understand that global sourcing and business does not have to be a win-lose game. We continue to hope and believe it can be done in such a way that U.S. workers and consumers, as well as partners overseas, both win.

    Thank you all for the lively and insightful discussion.
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    Now why you gotta go dragging the rednecks like myself into this....we ain't been doin nuttin wrong........... ;)
  4. packerbacker

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    Cause your not the redneck who's wearing the pointy hat and the bed sheets ;)
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    The problem I have with products from China (and I buy nothing from there) is that China is our enemy. Every penny we send their way, goes to building the military industry. From the beginning of the communist revolution, Lenin said that "we will hang the West with their own rope", in other words, the West would provide the finances to help defeat themselves. Nothing changes for the capitalist, who do you think supplied the Indians with their rifles and ammo? Let's wise up!

    It is inevitable that we will have to one day defend ourselves against China. Every day, those who outsource there, and those who buy their products here, are unknowingly paying for the weapons that will kill their children and grandchildren.

    The problem is not buying foreign products, the problem is buying products from our enemies, most specially enemies who are strong enough to take us on like Russia and China.
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    Uhhh, since when has China been an enemy of the US???

    The problem is you guys believe everything you hear while sitting around a bar talking with your buddies. China is in no way an enemy of the US. Nor is Russia.

    If you think for one minute that its "inevitable" that we will be at war with China i suggest you pack up right now and head for you bomb shelter. We will get ahold of you in about 75 years.

    Do you think i shouldnt eat their food anymore either???

    And BTW who did supply the guns and ammo for the indians?
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    The Chinese heavily supported and supplied both the North Korean army during the Korean war and the North Vietnamese army during Nam.

    Even though we've never been in direct conflict nor formally declared war on the Chinese, we've been fighting the communist Chinese for a long time.
  8. Evergreenpros

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    Keeping people poor and hungry won't make them our friend. To ignore the economic opportunity in China is foolish. We need to get in there and own the companies that will supply them automobiles, computers, dishwashers, lawn mowers, bricks for their homes, video games for their kids, etc. Regardless of what the US imports or not these industries in China will go forward.
  9. packerbacker

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    And the US gave weapons to Bin Laden, Iraq, Iran, and Syria.

    The point I was trying to make is unless China has a death wish they wont attack us. We mean to much to each other to do that. If China pushes the button and so do we the world as we know it is over.

    But this thread is getting to political.

    My point is we have to keep open trading with all the countries in the world. Its what makes the world go around. We cant build walls around this country. Some of the things the US makes are not quality prodcuts compared to the rest of the world. We need them to survive. Until we need to not rely on them like they have us then we will always have them as a crutch.

    And whats the big deal anyway? People here are always saying how we need to keep the jobs in the US because of the unemployment here. Have any of you ever picked up a Sunday paper and seen the amount of jobs in it? I bet the KC Star has at least 750 jobs in it every week! Unemployment is so high because people wont swallow their pride and get a job that might be "below" them or they are just plain lazy
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    I am a plant manager by day and we are always having a very difficult time getting capable employees. We do pay a competitive wage but there are very few young people who want to get even a little dirty anymore. Last year I even tried a hiring agency to try to get people and itdidn't even help much. The papers are full of decent jobs every week. In the next couple of months I will need to hire about 50 people and I have very few decent leads. It's the same for the other manufacturers in Town the biggest problem in expanding is getting employees.

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