Cheap Mowers Made in China.

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Fareway Lawncare, Jan 23, 2005.

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    Appreciate the input, and no it's not all 100% bad news. But there again I would like to point out how seriously laughable that article is compared to the grand sceme of things.

    "Since 1990, American exports to China have more than doubled to over $21 billion a year."

    This is the kind of stuff they try to beat in our heads. Just the good small pieces of the puzzle. But this whole picture looks something sorta like this...

    US job losses to Chinese imports are in the multi millions and growing....
    The US/China trade deficit is in the hundreds of billions per year and growing....

    You know, it's not all that hard to take a look at current and past numbers, and see where all this is going.
    I predicted our current situation years ago
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    Wal-Mart is in the process of purchasing the largest warehouse complex in China. FedEx will take delivery of the first A380 freighters with a load capacity of 330,000 pounds. These freighters will be used exclusively between Asia and North America. Thats a lot of iPods.

    Foreign built aircraft hauling foreign made products in and USD out.
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    "Keeping people poor and hungry won't make them our friend".- REPLY- the people are still poor and hungry, the communist government is getting all the money. They don't give a damn about their own people, don't think for one minute that they are our friend or give a hoot about us.

    "We need to get in there and own the companies". - REPLY- your concept of ownership is naive, they can take what we own any time they wish, it's called expropriation. We lost everything in Cuba, China, Angola, Vietnam, etc.

    "Regardless of what the US imports or not these industries in China will go forward" -REPLY- When this is so (that they can go forward at the same pace without our business), they will not need us, then they can afford to make their move. The first move will be expropriated. Today, over 90% of what China exports, goes to the USA.

    I was in the foreign trade business for 25 years (I'm retired). We imported and exported products to/from all the continents. Our best sources for importing were in Taiwan. I don't see a problem with enriching our allies. China is not an ally. The real China is not the working people, it is the goverment that enriches itself, and expands their power over the people. This is nothing new, the few governing the masses. The Chinese people are basically slaves. If they don't like their job, let them move to one side, there are many others to take their place. They have no choice. By the way, with regard to labor rates, China (Vietnam, too ) are the bottom of the barrell. Rates can't be gotten for less anywhere in the world, and still recieve a quality product.
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    I don't "sit around the bar talking with my buddies". I don't sit around period. I don't drink beer, and I don't watch television. I'm a businessman who takes advantage of this website to learn from lawn professionals, the things I need to know to take care of my own lawn. My profession for 25 years was precisely foreign trade.

    I just gave my opinion that I don't buy products from China. I have no preoccupation with death. I'm not building/running to any shelter. Whenever God decides to take me, I am His. He knows what is best for me. Besides, there is no difference between nuclear annihilation, "the end of the world" (improbable), and getting killed in a car accident (very probable). It is peoples horror of death that creates this "run for the shelter" hysteria. I don't have any horror of death.

    It is simply not prudent to enrich our enemies. If you don't believe they are our enemies, then I would say to you, that it is not prudent to enrich our potential enemies
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    What about the LCO bringing foreigners over to work for 6 months and send them back with american money. This is one thing that really upsets me. Not only are we sending jobs to other countries, but now we are bringing the workers over here to perform the jobs. These worker do not stay here. They make as much american dollar as they can and take it home were it is worth more.
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    No one can compete w/Cheap Labour & China Has it.

    You kids are going to have to get Used to the Fact that China is Wal-Mart & the USA is Main Street.
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    Oct. 1, 1949
    Where have you been?
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    The Chinese Government is using the resources of their entire Nation to systematically BUY our markets. Period. All you have to do is look at the numbers.

    American companies have to operate in an independent-state within our free-market economy. In other words, it's every man for himself. Our system demands that our companies come up with their own resources (independent of the State) and then gamble them in the market to the best of our ability. These private capital resources have to provide everything required to compete. From the factory building our products are built in, the tooling required to make the parts, the R&D to develop the products in the first place, material, manpower, utilities and on and on and on. And Taxes... it struck me as ironic that the very first check we formally wrote when we started our business was to the Government. And ALL this has to be done within the context of fair labor practices, private and intellectual property ownership, a minimum wage, near zero environmental impact, workplace safety, equal opportunity, a punitive product liability system, etc. That list goes on and on as well.

    What we're up against with China is a government that is redirecting the entire strength of its National resources to provide everything required to build a product. Chinese companies (which are all essentially owned by the Government) are not required to account for the amount of resources they're consuming, as long as they get the product out. Factory and Overhead cost=Zero. Labor Costs=Zero. The ONLY thing the Chinese track is RAW material costs. A friend of mine owns a company that has been a supplier to the OPE industry for 60 years. He says that he can buy equivalent finished products from China for less than the raw steel prices in the U.S. How can they do that, you ask? The Chinese government pays their industry a 25% bonus for finished goods shipped to the U.S. What this means is that Chinese "industry" can be profitable selling for 25% below their raw material cost. They are simply buying our market by creating an environment in which no one else can compete, at least by conventional capitalist standards.. Talk about taking a "dump in the pool". And... as if this isn't enough, they're doing all this with virtual prison labor and doing it with utter disregard for the physical environment, intellectual or private property laws or most of the other earmarks of a civilized society. I grew up worrying about the Soviet Union... misplaced fear. The real battle between civilized free-market capitalism and "gang mentality" communism is being fought right now at your local Wal-Mart store.

    After these guys have successfully driven all of our domestic industries into the ground, I suspect the prices won't be so sweet anymore. But by then, our economy will have been sucked dry anyway. Probably gonna be a little tough finding someone's yard to mow though. Maybe they can pay you in rice.
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    China is made our enemey because they are communist... They did also steal some of our ICBM technology's under the clinton admin... Thats a scary thought... Really this is the reason we need a missle defense system because of china and N korea...

    I hope in good time once these people get a good taste of our culture hopefully they can change. Because you guys are right the government is all about Making the Powerful more powerful and making the workers more productive.. Not increasing the standard of living for everybody...
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    So why do they need one?

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