Cheap Mowers Made in China.

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Fareway Lawncare, Jan 23, 2005.

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    It seems Scag may be Jumping on the Cheap China Bandwagon...They're possibly marketing & Financing a Brand called Red Hawk which are Bradley's.

    Not a Good Move for a company that Prides itself on Being Ameican Made.

    Here's Scag's parent Company...Notice the Proudly Made in the USA Seal.'s All about the Bucks.
  2. stumper1620

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    I grew up thru the cold war, Russia was the enemy, during Vietnam war the Chinese helped the VC, that made them a bigger enemy than we already considered them. Then came our greatest President " RONALD REGAN"
    He defeated communist Russia by out spending them, we had the ability to do anything technically that we wanted and if we didn't have it we could develop it, Russia new this, They could not keep up the spending race, We WON and the wall came down. Now if all our Manufacturing goes over there and all our money is going to them, and We here in America are at war with terrorist that are draining down our military reserve and draining our economy plus a rouge tidal wave that we sent tons of money out in relief aid, add to that our own natural disasters that are costing millions, while we are spending and buying Chinese produced products, they are raking in the money and channeling large amounts of it straight to their military and nuclear programs that they stole the secrets too. while we go deeper in debt.
  3. PM Baker

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    Curious how the most powerful military in the world, Soviet Union, our dangerous enemy for 80 years, almost overnight, becomes insignificant to the Press/Media and thus Americans. While a handful of Arabs, incapable of defeating the Israeli police, now becomes our dreaded/dangerous enemy.

    It's no coincidence, nothing happens by chance. Don't allow yourselves to be brainwashed. Open your eyes, nothing has changed. The Arab terrorist is still incapable of defeating the Israeli police. The Soviet Union (and their ally China) is still our most dangerous enemy. This is not the first time the Bolsheviks have played possum, to get the Western investment.

    I remember during the Vietnam War, seeing a photograph in the of a Soviet cargo ship entering North Vietnam's Haiphong Harbour, the entry point for all the weaponry that was used to kill American soldiers. The ship's deck was loaded with military trucks. What the article didn't say was that the ship's engine, and all the trucks on the ship, were built in a plant built by American companies in the Soviet Union. American companies built those plants during one of those prior occasions when the Bolsheviks played possum.

    Brave American Soldiers were killed with equipment built in American built plants. Nothing changes, today American (and European) companies are building plants in Russia, China, and North Vietnam.
  4. Jason Pallas

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    aloha from DETROIT - home of over 100,000 jobs lost to outsourcing in the last 4 years. (well actually the whole state of Michigan). Let me tell you how this will eventually affect you directly - as we seem to be on the cutting edge of this topic. Your lawn/landscape customer base will begin to see outsourcing cut into their job/salary/hourly wage. As their jobs go bye bye, one of the first things they realize is that "I don't have the money to pay someone to cut me lawn!" It's one of the first luxury service to go. I saw business drop off by almost 25%!!! Just now we're only starting to recover. My adivce - AGGRESSIVELY BUY AMERICAN - keep your money in this country. Support the wokers that support you. Sure, you may be able to get that chineese mower for $800 less or that new Toyota Pick up that looks so cool - but don't complain when you're out on the streets begging for change because no one in town has a job + can afford to hire a landscaper.
    Oh yeah - another nice by-product of the old outsourcing/job lay-off: All those laid off workers suddenly go into the landscaping business with their craftsman mower and their brother's pick-up truck. Hello increased competition - oh yeah, they work dirt cheap too. Think locally! Buy American!
  5. dishboy

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    What brand trimmer and blower is on your truck?
  6. gotgreen?

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    Does anyone think why the jobs are going away? As some of you know, I am an immigrant from Mexico, and since I came to this country I have lost 2 jobs after union negotiations, and on both jobs I had great benefits and a very decent hourly salary for someone with only high school education, man I had it better than some people with college education, but companies have to make a profit also and the unions and people that were voting for the contracts were demanding to much for what we were doing, and believe me, we knew on one of those occasions the company was not doing very well. Well I got downsized. The company was not able to stay on business for very long after that. After that, I went to work on a packing plant with some benefits and for what I was told every time there was a contract it keep getting worse for the company and the employees and the reason, more demands from the unions (members that vote) and the company was not able to meet those demands, let me tell you there were some people making over $20 just for pushing 4 buttons on a machine, and I used to cover one of those persons for lunch for less than half of that, it was not a job at NASA. That did not last long. Also right next to that company, there was a company contracted to make truck frames to built Ford trucks, I agree a little more skilled job but I guess more union demands and they finally could not keep paying what employees wanted and they sent some of the production to somewhere in Mexico and more people got downsized. The point is do not like that the jobs are going to another country or that companies are going out of business and leaving people unemployed, hey, I am not in Mexico or some other country, I am here in United States but people need to realize that people demands are killing some of these jobs and some companies also, and need to realize that when is time to negotiate need be more reasonable and take a look at how the company is doing and think of their families and future and not only on the short term benefits that a new contract may bring, or until then we will have to deal with lawn mowers from China. What I saw and the insecurity of knowing if I am going to have a job tomorrow drove me to cut grass, where I do not make a lot of money but help me to supplement the income in my family and live with less stress. Hey I don't go to work ridding on a bicycle or cut grass with a machete.
  7. mommacutz

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    Me and my husband can't fit into a import truck! LOL
  8. mommacutz

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    Sorry I have to disagree with you to some extent. The main culprit is greed by the company owners. My hubbies job shut down with only 2 days notice before Thanksgiving. They flat out told these steelworker union guys that instead of paying them $13 hrly they were going to Mexico and pay $13 WEEKLY! While everything went down the owner was reportedly chilling on his yacht! Btw we lost our medical insurance that same month. But God is still good because we started the lawn company soon after and make about triple if not more of the income with more freedom for our family.
  9. Azraell

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    Errr....... now wait a minute......You guys scream and rant about buying American, then you'll turn around and send 100's of millions of dollars to mexico in the form of wages for the mexicans that you hire that arent even American citizens and a majority that are illegal that aren't even suppose to be in the country. ;) OOOOOOOOOOOK. Thats about as two faced as you can get. But go ahead and live in your little fantasy world where you think you are doing good by buying American.
  10. gotgreen?

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    Well if you think about it, there is not that many owners for big companies, most of them are run by people that are responsible to their stock holders to make a profit, and even small companies run by their owners want to make a profit, even I want to be able to have an employee at some point and be able to give him a good pay but if the demands for a salary are more than I can pay, we will have to part ways, after all I do not run a non-for-profit business. I guess I am being greedy and a dreamer, but hey, the American dream is to own your company (including my one man operation). On the other hand and getting back on track, there still a lot of choices out there for lawn equipment that are manufactured in the good old USA and anyone is free to choose what they want between those made here or China.

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