Cheap privacy fences!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pagefault, Jun 21, 2005.

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    Around here, EVERYONE seems to have a wooden "privacy fence" around their back yard. These things are made of the cheapest wood known to man, are "stained" one time (when they are installed) and then they just sit there, rotting.

    The bottom of the fence is almost always in contact with the ground and tends to have tall, wet grass and weeds growing around it.

    Sometimes, I see where dogs have chewed and broken huge sections in order to escape and the homeowner has patched various areas back together however they could (chicken wire, cinder blocks, new wood, etc). Now, what I am noticing is that if I am not supremely careful, I can rip chunks out of the fence with the string trimmer. I'm not talking about sitting there at full throttle going after one stubborn blade of grass for 20 seconds, I'm talking about making a quick pass at about 1/4 throttle and barely contacting the fence. It tends to be a warped board every so many feet, that sticks out enough for the trimmer to clip the edge.

    Have you experienced the same? Lovely.
  2. Jay Ray

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    Yes. Once the boards were 3/4 inch thick and treated. Then they went to 5/8, then 1/2, and now some are 3/8 inch thick and barely treated if at all. It is builders who put this junk up. Talk about warp. Three months old and the gates don't work. Only intended to last til the new house sells. It is harder to trim them now as the grass is getting tougher.
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    I don't understand why every subdivision in our area has cedar fences and up North it looks like they have no fences? Everybody down here has dogs, no dogs up north? I guess everybody is more friendly up north?
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    Oh well anytime there is a fence of any kind, I always take the Flomaster PRO sprayer and (carefully) spray a thin strip of round-up the entire length. Within 2-4 weeks they have a neat 2-4 inch border (it needs to be THIN) and everybody wins:
    - It looks good, makes a border and NO weeds/grass anywhere along the fence.
    - Requires only marginal weed-eating (almost none, the WB usually gets close enough).
    - Saves fuel, time, and money.

    I started doing this because last year I used to try and get the WB as close as possible and caught the board of a fence once with the deck. Nevermind the board was fine but the WB stopped in its tracks and I cracked a few ribs as I flew over the fixed bar (*pain*).

    Hell yeah, thin border all along the fence lines, that stuff rules. I do the same thing around those U-shaped sprinkler system PVC pipes - Ever 'touch' some with the string? It will cut it like a hot knife cuts butter. Oh yes, also along the skirts of trailer homes, same reason: The string will cut into it.

    hope is help.

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