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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by eruuska, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. eruuska

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    This is my first year as a licensed applicator, and my first year acquiring equipment. I started with my Scotts spreader, but after walking a 54k property, vowed to NEVER do that again. I wanted to get a Lesco spreader, but the nearest Lesco is 2 hours away. I ended up picking up a 125-lb Agri-Fab spreader until I can get the Lesco.

    What a piece of crap! The chute never wants to close completely, so when I turn around at the end of a row I get these little dribblies coming out. I was filling it one time, and the chute wasn't quite closed and I ended up with about a pound of fert on the street that I had to sweep up.

    I hereby promise myself today, that I will pick up either a Lesco or Spyker spreader next spring. Or, if my fert n squirt clients multiply enough, a Z-Spray. payup
  2. eruuska

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    This is too funny. Not 10 minutes after my post above, I get a call from my Lesco guy offering to deliver a spreader for me! I guess he just hangs out all day reading I was probably going to get a Lesco anyway, but you can't beat that kind of service!

    BTW, this is the Indy Lesco at 86th and Zionsville Road.
  3. LwnmwrMan22

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    You'd be surprised how many Lesco guys are on this board.

    I had one ask me one time if I was LwnmwrMan on LawnSite.

    Seems a complaint I had about service issues got back to him off of this website.

    I suppose it could come down to something as simple as someone at an office doing a search on "Lesco" and reading all the posts that come up, to either see what's going on with their service centers, or to see if there's someway to get into someone else's pocketbook.

    TURF DOCTOR LawnSite Silver Member
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    So lesco rules.
  5. teeca

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    before you go out and get a spreader that everyone tells you to get, or one thats talked up so much (ie, lesco), call the guy's at Advanced turf supply there in fishers IN, 317-842-1088. they carry the anderson SR2000 spreader, and let me tell ya, it KICKS A$$ !! they are 2nd to none! i haven't used a spreader yet that comes close. they are a bit expensive, BUT you are getting your money's worth. the down fall is they only hold 50#, but you can put 80# in it ok. AND NEVER HAVE A OFF CENTER PATTERN AGAIN!!
  6. Jason Rose

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    That Anderson's spreader is, or was sold under the Scott's name as well. A friend of mine who's a superintendent at a golfcourse has one just like it. I liked it because the handle was longer and better for me (a tall guy). There is the "cone" on the bottom of it that can be set according to the settings on the fert bags. Unfortunatley the cone settings are on very few products. Also it only comes in epoxy coated steel, which is good, but still WILL rust in a few years. He replaced it this year with a new LESCO spreader. The shaft had rusted and swelled over winter and wouldn't turn and the frame was shot from rust too...

    The Lesco spreaders now have a longer and adjustable handle, and the #1 model sold has an all STAINLESS frame. I would also highly recommend getting the "remote deflector and 3rd hole shut off kit" I Absolutely love mine, it allows you to keep product OFF of areas you don't want it and get's the double coverage all the way to the edges and you can open/close it while moving. Another Plus to the lesco is the agitator in the hopper, it oscilates back and forth as opposed to going round and round. Much less "drag" and also dosn't grind the fert into a powder so much.

    I have tried too many spreaders, I should say, wasted money on too many spreaders. Including a Stainless Spyker (small round hopper, pneumatic tires) That was nice, but too hard to actually get the "spread pattern evener" actualy set perfectly so that it works, and the agitator in the hopper goes round and round which drags a lot making it that much harder to push it.
  7. jws3

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    The Anderson SR2000 is stainless
  8. Runner

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    Lesco Stainless...all the way. When used properly, you get a perfect even throw all the way. NEVER any streaks. Never any dry rashes. Get the 100# hopper.
  9. Mscotrid

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    Lesco spreader here, I have purcahsed 15-20 over the years and I still use the first one I bought in 1989. Parts are readily available and easy to work on.
  10. Jason Rose

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    :blush: Why, look at that! I stand corrected.

    That's what I get for only clicking the top link, figured the one on top was the BEST model... LOL!

    Like others have said, I still like the Lesco, dependable and parts are readily available, that is IF you ever need parts for it.

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