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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by smarino21, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. smarino21

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    it seems to me , i could be wrong and im sure alota you are gonna say the same. I was thinking if you can cut a lot of homes in the same area say cheaper then normal. Say now we charge in this sub 22$ thats trim edge cut blow. I knock that out 20 mins wit 2 men total on a crew. I was thinking advertise in a diff sub were i have no accounts and saying like 20$ cutting in this sub, i dont knwo if it would work or not but this time of year no way but for next spring. What are your opinions?
  2. Rhett

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    I am dissy just reading that post. Cheap will get you in the game but will not keep you there. Figure out your costs and price accordingly. It takes years to come back from cheap.
  3. TheKingNJ

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    Great Post!
  4. all ferris

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    IMHO, if you can't figure this out for yourself you shouldn't be in business.
    Just being honest.

    And come on, 2 men...20 minutes...$22????
    One thing is for sure... You won't retire early at those rates.
  5. MMLawn

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    It seems to me:

    1. If it takes 2 men 20 minutes to just cut,trim,edge and blow then it must be a fairly good sized lawn....which means

    a) $22 is already too cheap


    b) your $20 would be way too low...even by lowballer standards
  6. Jpocket

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    Exactly what I was thinking....the only exception I can see is when you are starting a business or growing one, but maybe not THAT cheap.
  7. ALarsh

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    from Midwest
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    Just mow it has those prices right around $20... but he said he averages 6-12 minutes per lawn...
  8. fulano

    fulano LawnSite Senior Member
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    Sounds like a good plan if you didn't have to pay workers comp, payroll taxes, gas for transportation, and goof ups your laborers make.

    I plan on doing the same thing part time in my own subdivision and plan on charging about the same amount $40-60 for about 1-1.5 hrs by myself. That is about the same as what you plan on charging.
  9. brucec32

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  10. daveintoledo

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    your already the lowest priced guy n town... think about it..

    your charging half of what the job is worth.... in general, and in my area....

    your losing 50% of potential profits on every lawn...

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