Cheapest way to distribute your fliers?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Husky, Jul 16, 2003.

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    This is what we do. we put out around 15,000 flyer's this year and we pay college kids in groups of two $15 an hour to put the flyer's out. We use groups of two because we feel that it is more productive with one driving the other placing them in the news paper slots. It has worked for us in our community, don't know if it will work for anyone else but hey it is just a suggestion.
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    Remember, cheaper may not be most effective.

    You can also try a large parking lot. Go to a grocery store, put them on the windshield. There may be a no-solicitation sign, maybe not.

    Don't go to a business parking lot, where people work. Those folks drive from somewhere else. Got to do a business that people just drive from home to shop there.

    I'm not sure why attaching to a mailbox post is illegal. Here we have a tube (or two) attached to the post where the newspaper goes. The other tube is a "junk" mail tube - i.e. the free papers and flyers. Some advertising company installed them all on the mailbox post.

    Get a pad of sticky notes printed and put them on the front door. Or door hangers. I would say these would be more effective.
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    I "Piggy-Back" my door hangers with someone who owns a pizza business and already distributes in the areas I want.

    I end up paying .06 apiece to get them handed out and I get them printed for about $140 for 5000. I get about 1 customer per 500 door hangers, but it is a steady number.

    So, basically I think it costs me about $44 to "purchase" a customer. If they become a regular customer (most have) I make it back halfway through the second mow...

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    A1 where do u get ur door hangers made?? $140 for 5,000 is pretty cheap
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    In my area, there is a service called "doorstep delivery", which specializes in distributing flyers. I think they have a certain ammount of demographics on various neighborhoods, and they will pass out your flyers for about 10 cents per flyer, the last time I checked. Last time I passed out the flyers myself, I only did 50 an hour. At $9 an hour labor, this would cost $180 for 1000, compared to $100 for the service. It's been a few years since I hired them, so they may have raised prices a little, but I'm just suggesting another possible alternative.
  6. Friday I will be macking 10,000 flyers for free (just cost me the paper $25.00)

    Me and my brothers will be delivering them.

    Since they are my brothers I assign them a route and they get a 5% commision on the sales from there flyers.

    Has worker so far.
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    Tiedeman "it might be cheaper to stick them in newspapers"

    That's a interesting idea! Maybe you can get in contact with the local newspaper person and have them insert your flier the next time they bag their newspapers. Or maybe you could help them one day bag and get it done for even cheaper!

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    i used to put the flyer's in a bag like the ones the papers come in with three little rocks and throw them in the driveways.
    fast cheep and worked great till i got a call from the township for a littering violation. end of that game
    now i hire marking companies that do direct mail
    i like money mailer they put out those envelopes full of coupons and i get a good response i also am using three other company's this fall to put out adds for my fertilizing business it is not cheap but it is the fastest and cheapest way to get out 100,000 full color flyer's at a time.
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    only if u want a ticket

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