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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by John Allin, Jan 20, 2002.

  1. John Allin

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  2. brentsawyer

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    Way to go man!!!!! That will look great on company literature.

    I have been asked to join and have had some serious thought into becoming a member of our homebuilders association, just not sure about others members involvement and how much networking will go on and that darn time thing during the summer will of course be a problem I think.

    How was your experience at the beginning?
  3. John Allin

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    Took a couple years to break thru the "good ole boys" network of builders.... but, now we do get some nice bennys from belonging.... not the least of which is the awards banquet stuff.
  4. Lanelle

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    Congratulations! And people thought you only plowed snow!
    Those are nice looking projects. I can see how this could turn into an annual challenge to top the previous year.
  5. SCL

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    Way to go John.

    Two questions. What's the brand of rock you used on the remote wall and tree ring? And, it's not just you and this Ward's co. that belong to this organization is it?:)
  6. vipermanz

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    Wow, that's quite an honor to be titled with!, i really like what you did with the stairs in the attached landscaping, looks geometric!:)
  7. John Allin

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    There are several landscape organizations that belong. Although, the judging is done by people from outside Erie, and they don't know how many belong.... and, it's all done on a point system..... not enough points, no grand award. In fact, several of the builder catagories had no grand award winners and only honorable mentions....

    Ward's Landscaping does top notch work too, and we respect their work. I have no doubt that they deserved the awards they received too.
  8. SCL

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    As obviously so do you and your crews. How many people do you employ for landscaping John?
  9. John Allin

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  10. steveair

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    Congratulations! A few awards to hang on the wall are always a nice thing to have.

    I laughed when I saw that WM was a sponsor.........they seem to be involved in everthing these days..........Also laughed when I saw Ward's getting honorable mentions.....they use to recruit at PSU when I was going to school as I remember.

    One question. I noticed the stairs on the residential award and was wondering if you had any hand rail issues there.....

    I am always do plans like that and know that technically you 'should' have a railing, but rarely include one. How do you approach the matter? With the 4/5 steps going 'open sided' from the drive to the rest of the stairs, it looks like it could be a problem.

    My concern is where do you start to worry about having a railing installed? I never know what I can get away with.

    Everything looks great though.

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