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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mpro1, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. mpro1

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    For Sale
    Lawn Care Business

    Accounts in Suffolk County NY Huntington, Lloyd Harbor and East Northport Area (Big Growth Areas)
    P/T Great Ad-on business or New Start-up 17 active accounts with additional 60 customer contact list.

    Excellent Equipment
    Good Payers

    Equipment Lists:

    1993 Isuzu NPR Diesel 14500gvrw with 12Yrd. Dump Body 106,000 Exel Condition

    2000 3500lb. Single axle utility trailer

    2004 52” Ferris 1000z zero turn riding lawn mower 200 hours Exel Condition

    36” Exmark walk behind

    1 Shindaiwa eb630 backpack blowers

    1 shindaiwa 2400 line trimmer

    Giant-Vac Leaf loader w 16Hp Vanguard Exel Condition

    Little Wonder High Output Ground Blower with 13Hp Honda Exel Condition

    Little Wonder Edger

    Little Wonder Power Thatcher

    Echo Power Hedge Trimmer

    Echo Power Pruner

    Asking $45,000
  2. topsites

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    "Excellent" condition means that the vehicle looks new, is in excellent mechanical condition and needs no reconditioning. This vehicle has never had any paint or body work and is free of rust. The vehicle has a clean title history and will pass a smog and safety inspection. The engine compartment is clean, with no fluid leaks and is free of any wear or visible defects. The vehicle also has complete and verifiable service records. Less than 5% of all used vehicles fall into this category.

    "Good" condition means that the vehicle is free of any major defects. This vehicle has a clean title history, the paint, body and interior have only minor (if any) blemishes, and there are no major mechanical problems. There should be little or no rust on this vehicle. The tires match and have substantial tread wear left. A "good" vehicle will need some reconditioning to be sold at retail. Most consumer owned vehicles fall into this category.
  3. walker-talker

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    Would you consider selling the truck alone? How long is the bed? I would be interested in seeing some pictures.

  4. Smithers

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    how much for the loader alone?

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