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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by lifesaverbuddy, May 13, 2005.

  1. lifesaverbuddy

    lifesaverbuddy LawnSite Member
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    So, today I'll put out my first 3 quotes:

    First Job:
    *43 yds topsoil($480)
    *1400 sqft sod($350)
    *grading(high estimate of $250-subcontracted)
    *Rock(7yds with delivery, $310)
    *Lawn Edging($140)
    *Dump fees(>$100)
    Labour and overhead: 24 hrs at $45/hr = $1080


    Second Job
    *20 2 gal Swedish Aspen($330)
    *1 yd topsoil ($20)
    *2 bags peat($15)
    *fertilizer(estimated at $35, need to find out!!)
    *waste disposal not included
    Labour and overhead: 10 hrs at $45/hr = $450


    Third Job
    * not quite done yet...will post it later.

    Let me know what you all think. Thanks. Lisa
  2. adam underwood

    adam underwood LawnSite Member
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    sounds likje your working real cheap charge more
  3. lifesaverbuddy

    lifesaverbuddy LawnSite Member
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    The only place I can really charge more is in labour. My overhead is just barely $10000/year, including truck($1500), insurance, commercial insurance, all licensing and registration, phone, storage, paperwork, advertising, tools, etc. That's about $20/hr with a conservative estimate of 30hrs/week for the 4 months I'm out of school. It drops to about $15 at 40hrs/week. So I make $25-30/hr after all my business expenses are paid, leaving me with at least $12000 covering a full years rent($700/month), and next years tuition. So that said, what do the rest of you charge for yourselves?

    All advice appreciated. Thanks for the input. Lisa

    P.S. My old boss is very supportive, and said I'm worth $25/hr so that's what I based my quotes on. I'm not sure how much my market is willing to pay since these are my first quotes and I have an awful time attempting to squeeze the going rate out of others. Plus, my bobcat operator charges $60/hr, so I'd feel awful charging as much as him since he has to have a trailer and machine, plus all the insurance to cover it and the space to store it. And I need to go cheap for the first couple since I have no experience and people would rather hire a professional if they have to pay that rate anyhow.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Are you implying that you're NOT a professional, lifesaver? Hey, if you're lucky to have low overhead, you should benefit from that, not be working for peanuts...

    It's natural to bid to low initially when you first get started, every estimate is crucial. I had the tendency to underestimate my labor. You'll get the hang of it soon...test the market and see what you can get.
  5. SwisherLandscaping

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    Believe it or not, it costs REAL money to run a business. You operator unless it is a college student using dad's skidloader, charges $60.00 per hour in ADDITION to over head costs, labor costs, truck cost, trailer costs, any material cost, contingency cost, and profit cost. $60 per hour will cover the machine. The machine, and maybe the labor cost of the operator. But not all the other things I metioned. Again, maybe the person really does charge a flat rate of $60 per hour, but if so that person does not own or run a business; at least he won't be next year. Right now what he must be doing is using dad's skid loader to do a few side jobs. Very different.

  6. KathysLGC

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    Before I go far with this thread, your charging $480 for 45 yards of top soil? How much is each yard of topsoil? $10.66?

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