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Check my sisters new rig!! haha Ive never seen one of these.

WJW Lawn

LawnSite Bronze Member
I love Lawn Mowers...all of em...but honestly--so when I see a blast form the past...I get all giddy!! I had never seen an Echo lawnmower 2 cycle...til she got one off craigslist. Think she paid 10 bucks. She's a new homeowner....dont worry...I have lent her my Honda. But pretty cool huh?




Envy Lawn Service

LawnSite Fanatic
North Carolina
Cool... thanks for sharing.
WJW Lawn

WJW Lawn

LawnSite Bronze Member
Im glad you guys like it!! Again..I had just never seen one before...so when I saw it...I just thought it was the coolest! Of course...she gave me some weird looks for begging her to email me pics lol


LawnSite Silver Member
either thay or handles taken off a diffeent mower...

I'm still running 4 old lawnboy 2 stroke 21"ers I wish they still made them...parts are getting hard to come by...
ebay baby........................:waving:

my brother uses it to find NOS parts for all his projects