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Check out Amsoil and save $$$$$ short-term and long-term


LawnSite Senior Member
Rochester, IL
Amsoil is here. However, I am new here to the site so please bear with me as I learn the "ropes". I look forward to discussing Amsoil products with you all and well, maybe converting some of you over to the first in synthetics. Please ask, argue, learn and be open minded in posts and threads. I would like to learn who has used Amsoil and what your feelings are and who may be open to switching over. Remember, oil is not just used in mowers and 2-cycle equipment. It is used in your trucks, skid steers, large tractors, basically anything that has a engine. I am sure everyone wants all your equipment to last longer and cost you less over the years, therefore add more to the bottom line, right??? Why not start w/ the "lifeblood" of your engine.
Let's discuss!!!!!!!!!!!!:usflag:

Oh---did I mention keeping $$$$$ from going overseas for oil??????