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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Gaturf, Apr 7, 2007.

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    a company named just finished my new website...i think it looks great. hope everyone likes it. the companys rates are very reasonably priced. if anyone needs a website give them a call. im very pleased with there service. they put it together in just a few days. like i said i hope everyone likes it. it a flash website so if your on dial up it may not load or it may load very slow. i also havent sent them new pictures yet for the gallery, so the pictures will change in the next few days.

    ga turf
  2. WebMan

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    It's a "cool" boilerplate "flash" site BUT I have reasonable eyesight (not as good as when I was 30 but hey...) and i have a large hi-def monitor; and I had trouble reading it. That's one of the problems with these type (not picking on this company) "boilerplate" sites. Often the font sizes etc have to be pre-set to fit the majotiry of what their customer's want size-wise so you end up with some of your stuff being very small text. Not good for the 50+ yr. old homeowner who might be the higher value customer for your lawncare business (I have no way of knowing).

    Also below is how a search engine sees your main page:
    Welcome to Georgia Turf Management

    That's it, those 2 lines...not a lot to work for you on the search engines.

    A "tag" analysis shows "The webpage at the URL provided doesn't have any meta keywords and meta description."

    The description is especially important because it's the part that shows up on a search engine as that fist line or 2 about what your site is about.
    One of the factors that search engines use in ranking a webpage is the percentage of text in the web page. Simply put code to text ratio is % of text in the page / % of html code in the page. Search Engines use this ratio to determine the relevancy of your page and higher this value more your chances of ranking higher.
    You rank at 2.54% which is extremely low.

    On last thing is I know what to look for, but try geting some "average" folks you know (maybe at your church/wife's office or something) and see how many find your menu quickly & easily & get around your site in the order you want them to (from most important to least important pages).
    Just some stuff they need to work on... and if they charge extra for it the "bargain" may not have been so good.

    I will admit I am a bit prejudiced against Flash & similar "plug in required" sites for service contractors in general because I look at my 87 year old mom who has her wireless-high speed laptop right there by her easy chair and will use it regularly. BUT she has seen so much on TV about downloading bad stuff she won't upgrade the Flash player or Acrobat reader or anything you or I might just click & quickly update; because she doesn't know how to make sure she's doing something safe.
    She is your typical "high value" customer because she can no longer do any of her lawnwork herself other than maybe pluck a stray weed and just the other day was having trouble because the only fellow she could find that did what she needed was too booked up to get to her right now. I figure there are a lot of other folks like her out there (just look at the people getting computer advice in BestBuy or similar mext time you're in one, they aren't they young generation...they already know what they need to do what they want. It's the older step up that will be less "computer savvy" and will also own bigger-nicer homes and be more likely to hire work done than do it themselves)
  3. Bill S

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    What webman said. I too do not like the flash sites...they don't play nice with the spiders.

    Having your pricing right on the website tells me you are interested in using this as a key marketing tool... one that will reel the customers in for you. Well, if you have a website and no one knows about it, do you really have a website?

    Sure, you can add the address to other advertising pieces to stear prospects to your site, but your site must be SEO friendly!

    Good luck with the updates, let us know when they are done so we can take another peak.

  4. Fantasy Lawns

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    I never saw it .... I'm on cable n it still took too .... too long to keep my attention to just check it out ...hope customers don't feel the same way .... GL with it
  5. Turf Troll

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    Hey Gaturf your web builders maybe didn't do it yet, or you can tell them what you want

    I left this url in another post follow the suggestions in this and you won't be able to do anymore for your site to help people find you on the internet.
  6. Vikings

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    Wow! I thought it looked great.
  7. Firehouse Studios

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    Thanks for such an informative reply!

    Our company strives to deliver content in the most visually appealing and informative way possible. Content is minimized to be to the point and deliver quickly what people came to look for. As for the navigation of the site referenced in this thread, the 'menu' button is a very simple and bold text with a hover animation that 99% of internet viewers would be familiar with.

    As for SEO of Flash sites. Anyone that's relatively familiar with Flash knows that it's not very 'search engine' friendly. Google is the only major search engine available at the moment that is developing methods for actually indexing content withing a flash 'movie'. Until then, obviously we rely on meta tags (which were added- we put the site up in a hurry for this customer) and web site marketing. SEO in today's market is really a niche all in itself. For something like a Lawn Care website, you're really targeting a local audience, so rather than spend tons of money on SEO, I'd honestly recommend your efforts be placed into local advertising.

    As for the content of the site, the font in the majority of the site was 'Arial' at either 11 or 13 pts. In comparison, that's the exact font I'm typing in now. :) In reference to pricing, a general price range was included directly on the website, with additional links to more detailed pricing done in PDF format in order to be printable.

    In closing, if you read any number of articles or research any number of 'want' ads in reference to what companies are looking for in web designers, Flash is a must. The internet is turning into something that went from a method for highly educated people to share thesis' and documents on, to a world full of rich and animated content. Flash content reaches 98% of viewers on the internet today ( ) and flash content on major web pages continues to grow.

    We do offer alternatives to Flash in traditional web design, and are more than willing to work with anyone to make their visions a reality.

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Firehouse Studios
  8. Turf Troll

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    keywords" content="lawn care, douglasville, georgia, landscape, lawn maintenece, affordable, winter lawn maintenence, mulch, flowers, pine straw, fertilizer"

    mainĀ·teĀ·nance - A spell check tells me this is the correct spelling for the word.
    As you say it was put up in a hurry.
  9. Firehouse Studios

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    For some reason your browser did not get an updated copy of the index page- the spelling errors were uploaded and then fixed upon re-check. You sure made me look ignorant though, mission accomplished.

  10. Turf Troll

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    That was not my intention. Please excuse me.

    I only just copied the tag info and as you said you put it up in a hurry.

    I do disagree with you about seo for local search.

    If someone is inclined to use the internet to find a service I sell in my area I would like to know that there might be a chance that they would find my website.

    Again let me apologize I did not mean to make you feel uncomfortable.

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