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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Gaturf, Apr 7, 2007.

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    Gaturf, do you get a many orders for your aeration service? I'm asking because my jaw dropped when I seen how high your prices are compared to mine. I might be way WAY too low.
  2. Gaturf

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    we have alot of fescue here so i have many customers who get there yards done twice a year. my prices are about the same as other guys here in GA. plus the price comes down some if i have several yards in a row. you may need to network in your area to see what everyone else is charging. thats what i did.

    ga turf
  3. mdvaden

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    Webman mentioned early on, that it may be a tad bit tough to read.

    I think I see what he meant, to some degree.

    When the small text first appeared, it seemed fuzzed, but just took about 2 seconds for my eyes to adjust - although, it is quite tiny.

    At least in the options to view more, the extra windows open easier to read text.

    Actually, I like the design quite a bit.
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    I don't understand why they used PDF's for the other pages. Are the purposely trying to limit audience?
  5. mdvaden

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    I have a small amount of content on mine in PDF so people can print it.

    Looks a lot better printed on a sheet than a captured screen shot or "print scrint" from the browser.

    Some people keep a file on their yard for contracts, prices, plans and various things. Usually in a folder for 8.5 x 11 sheets.

    Its possible that the PDF pages were designed to accomodate that, as well as simply inform others.

    I don't know anybody myself, who does not have PDF yet. Most newer computers come with it, and many do auto updates of PDF software now. Plus, its free anyway.
  6. Turf Troll

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    my god people.....! its a lawncare website! im not using it as my sole advertising,
    Thankfully I am not spending $400 to $600 a month on advertising any more, I read all the post in this section crawled Jim Lewis site - called him, looked at mdvaden site and topsites other site. Now I spend $10 a month in hosting and am booked for three weeks. Plus I do see your trying to sell landscape services also

    im using it as a tool for my current customers.( paying online, email etc.) plus now days who wants to write down a phone number? my site is on my trailer and its short and easy to remember. plus i can weed out alot of dead beat customers who think they can get there grass cut for $15. i didnt reallize i was surrounded by IT pros!
    Yes it does look like there are some people who are making money from IT so you would call them a pro.

    i thought this was a lawncare website. be real, is it the worst website you have ever seen? i dont think so. i think its great. and if you dont like the music......turn it off dumb can figure out how to do that cant you? the bottom line is that my customers like it because they are going to be able to pay online. they dont care if its flash or not...they dont care about the music.....they can recommend me by giving out my easy to remember web address. god for bid someone say that they like it, not that i care but come on guys.

    dumb ass ?? There are to many reports on ctr - "click through rate" to quote statistics and from your attitude I wouldn't bother, I read all the comments made to you as people trying to help you from their experience, some design themes on websites will have more potential clients calling and some will do nothing at all to help put money in your pocket. I am replacing the carburetor on my dump truck, it's a four barrel, I might to have to make a few adjustments but I don't expect to have a two barrel when I open the box. My livelihood comes from landscaping and lawn care, any tool I spend money on should make me the best return for my dollar, I can't afford it if it doesn't, if your satisfied with your website good for you that is all that matters. "Check out my new website" is what your title was the replies did and showed you where you could improve your site to make YOU money.
  7. NELawnCare

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    Sounds like you don't take criticism very well, which is odd since you're the one that wanted us to look at your web site. In reality, it seems YOU were the only one proud of it and just wanted people to see it. Sorry you wasted my time. Hope your site does well, although I'm fairly certain it won't since it doesn't load the page most of the time.

    BTW, actually I am an IT pro. IT Director to be exact. But what do I know. I've only been in the IT industry for 23 years.

  8. NELawnCare

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    This should look familiar to you...
  9. mdvaden

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    Jim Lewis was my mentor - got me started on the web.

    He's an excellent source of feedback.
  10. Gaturf

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    look at the merry band of followers....looks like your peeps on this site will go with anything you must be because your an IT DIRECTOR.

    look i dont mind criticism but at a certain point i just got tired of hearing all the negative things about my site. its not a fortune 500 site.....its a lawncare site! i guess it just sucks to keep hearing negative things about my site that most people (not IT directors) wouldn't notice or don't care about. I'm sorry if i hurt anyones feelings here.

    thanks for all the input guys

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