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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Sean Adams, Aug 5, 2004.

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    The Silky Store is the only full-line retailer that provides premium quality Silky hand saws for numerous applications including tree care, landscaping, nursery, tree grower and home gardener.

    Silky saws are made in Japan by UM:Kogyo Inc., a company which has specialized in the manufacturing of saws since 1919. Unique Silky technology and design have resulted in an extensive range of finest hand saws with superb cutting ability. No other saws equal the unsurpassed cutting performance of Silky. Silky saws should not be confused with low priced products sold for occasional and general purpose use. They are premium quality tools for the professional user, serious gardener and tree grower. Silky are the best pruning saws available in North America today and The Saws of Choice by Professionals.

    The Silky Store stocks complete product lines of straight, curved, folding and pole Silky saws for each and every application, including Arborist Saws, Forestry Saws, Pruning & Trimming Saws, Fruit Tree Pruning Saws, Vineyard Pruning Saws, Apple Tree Pruning Saws, Lawn & Garden Saws, Florist & Nursery Saws, Root Cutting Saws, Bamboo Cutting Saws, Woodworking Saws, Carpentry Saws, Cabinet Maker Saws, DIY & Hobbyist Saws, Outdoor & Hunting Saws, Rescue & Military Saws and Food Preparation Saws.

    Please visit for more product information and convenient online ordering! We are very excited to participate and sponsor, and become a part of this extraordinary community. We look forward to contributing to its growth and ongoing success.

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